NYC Comedy Shows Tonight March 7, 2019

Here is a list of 5 great NYC comedy shows that are lined up for performance at these NYC Comedy Clubs this second week of March. We have also provided short profiles of the comedians who will be performing at different NYC comedy clubs, read along and see what action awaits you.

Ashley Blaker

1. Stand Up NY  Thursday 7th March 2019 starting 7: 30 PM
The NYC comedy clubs, Upper West Side will be hosting Ashley Blaker an internationally acclaimed comedian. Some describe him as an Orthodox Jewish Comedian.

He has been to various parts of the world, actually all the continents, talk of the United Kingdom, Europe, United States of America, Israel, Middle East, and South Africa. He has been featured in a number of magazines, New York Time, Financial Times, New York Post and Fox News. He stars on the BBC show, Ashley Baker’s Goyish Guide to Judaism.

Most of his shows are sold out, so expect this one to be packed too. Just recently he completed a month run of Broadway which most of the press described as a slickly stand up comedy show. Last year in August, one of his shows dubbed Observant Jew sold out at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

He is considered the first Orthodox Jewish comedian to have his own a show at BBC show. His show will be returning in the spring of 2019 and is expected to be hotter than it was last year.

He recently announced of his intention to hold a series of shows in the United States, his performance at the Stand-Up NY Comedy Clubs is one of his final performances in New York.

This show gives you an opportunity to watch and listen to one of the funniest Orthodox Jewish comedians. You will be in for a night of a hilarious performance, come and witness the reason why so many including the press have described the man as an outstanding performer.

New York Comedy Club East Village

2. New York Comedy Club- East Village

This Thursday, 7th March 2019 New York Comedy Club- East Village presents the best comedian in New York. Starting 8 PM, the NYC Comedy club will be hosting the big names in New York as well as the up and coming artists.

The list includes Akaash Singh, Alexis Guerreros, Calise Hawkins, and Chick Nice among others. Let’s have a preview of some of the comedians who will be performing at the NYC comedy clubs:

Akaash Singh

Some say you may confuse him with Chris Rock, style and approach to comedy. The Indian American who was born and raised in Texas is a nationally recognized comedian who is working his way up to be a household name.

His comedy which is driven by cultural differences and deep love in his upbringing as well as desire to challenge the audience has been featured in big shows such as in HBO, The Left Overs, Joking off, MTV2 among others. Many people love him for the thought-provoking jokes which catapult as well as energizes the audiences. He leaves many with laughter, yearning for more; he has a humorous side that not many in the comedy field would match.

Alexis Guerreros

Alexis is a regular performer in NYC, his hometown. He also tours other parts of the country as well as performing internationally. Other places where you can hear his voice is in the US Soccer on the Channel “The Cooligans” here he interviews comedians on their bits. He is also a cohost of the current NYC dopest show, the Illuminati Party.

Calise Hawkins

Calise Hawkins describes herself as a standup comedian and a writer. Her previous performances range from stand up comedy shows at the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s, Comedy Central, GothamLive, Stand Up in Stilettos, Nick Mom’s Night Out at Nickelodeon and many others. She has also written comedy scripts for a number of shows including Comedy Central, Hood Adjacent. MTV Totally Clueless, Charlemagne’s Uncommon Sense among others. Calise appeared as a cast member of the Oxygen’s Funny Girls. These are just some of the highlights for Calise comedy career. She is a performer who is loved by many fans, her appearance in a standup comedy exits the audience, the Thursday night NYC comedy show is not expected to be different, lots of fun and excitement guaranteed.

Greenwich Village Comedy Club

3. Greenwich Village Comedy Club

Greenwich Village Comedy clubs presents all-star comedy line up, this Thursday 7th March starting at 8 PM Among the comedians who are expected to perform on this day include Dustin Chafin, Joanne Filan, Lawrence Deloach, Mike Britt, and Yannis Pappas.

Dustin Chafin
Dustin Chafin is described as an Indian and cowboy standup comedian. Although he started off as a spiritual person, ever since he stepped out of the Chilean forests to the streets of NYC, he has been very busy with performances. He has been featured in numerous underground NYC comedy shows where he has received awards and accolades. One of the honor was from the Bill Hicks Tribute show. He has featured in Chicago and Las Vegas comedy festivals where he went ahead and won awards such as the Best of Fest. He is also a regular at NYC venues such as Broadway, Comic Strip Live, Standup NY. You may have heard of the Uncensored Comedy, a show that runs on weekends in NYC, this is a creation of Dustin. His performances have not only been in the country, but he has also performed internationally where he toured with USO to perform in Saudi Arabia, Japan, Iraq, Korea, Africa among other countries. He has also been busy in other areas; he has been a staff writer for the Sci-Fi channel as well as contributing writer for shows such as Chris Rock, Dennis Miller Live, Blue Collar TV and Chappelle’s Show as well as on a number of radio shows.

Joanne Filan
When she was young Joanne was repeatedly reminded that she should join standup comedy and that she did when she grew up. She may have majored in Marine Biology in college but she never moved in that direction, his life was in comedy. She made it her career and since then has never looked back. She has consistently delivered a unique and conscious style of humor, something that the audience likes. In the comedy world, she is an unexpected gem, no two shows are alike, she taps into the moment and always gives her audience something unique. She is a regular at Gotham Comedy Club, Broadway, New York comedy clubs among others in NYC. To her name, there are several TV shows, the likes of: “Here TV’s Hot Gay Comics” “The MoJo Variety Show” among others. Joanne has cultivated a deep love with her fans, she has over the time emerged as one of the most loved comedians in NYC comedy. In this performance, this is bound not to change, expect a performance that will be remembered for a long time. With other A- list comedians performing alongside, you expect nothing but the best.

New York Comedy Club East Village

4. New York Comedy Club- East Village

New York Comedy Club- East Village presents Eric Neumann, H Foley, and Michael Kosta. This will be on 7th March, Thursday starting at 10:15 pm

Eric Neumann

A regular performer at NYC comedy clubs such as Broadway, Greenwich Carolines among others, Eric Neumann is a veteran in the world of standup comedy. He has twenty-one years in his name and since he started has come to be known as one of the big names in stand-up comedy. Apart from playing in various NYC comedy shows, Eric has made appearances in a number of comedy festivals in NYC and other parts of the country; these include Laughing Devil Festival, the New York Comedy Festival, Hoboken Comedy Festival, Laughing Skull Festival among others. In 2015 he was one of the top comedians who took part in the Breakout Artist Comedy Series, an event that sold out. He was named by Hollywood television and radio as the hottest rising star in NYC standup comedy. Hi, audio clips have been featured on a number of shows.

H Foley

Foley is an NYC based comedian as well as an actor. He is known to use a unique approach to comedy where he fuses personal experiences with hilarious observation to give a charismatic comedy package. He has been featured in a number of shows including Jim Gaffigan Show, Netflix’s Iron Fist, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, Gotham Comedy Live, Difficult People, TBS, FOX, Comedy Central TV, Land, Hulu, among others. He has also been featured in a couple of firms such films as Dish, Set It Up, Night Comes On, Passaic among others. He is a regular performer at New York City comedy show, this time he is lined up with great performers from the region and beyond.

Michael Kosta

Another comedian who will be gracing the occasion is Michael Kosta. Michael is a big name in the world of standup comedy in the county. He has been hosted in several shows including the Comment section for the E! Network, has co-hosted numerous shows as well as appeared in a number of standup comedy shows, nationally as well as abroad.

Broadway Comedy Club

5. Broadway Comedy Club

Among the comedians who will be featured on the March 7th, Thursday comedy show at 9 PM includes Harris Stanton, Karen Bergreen, and Russ Meneve.

Let’s have a look at the profiles of the comedians who will be performing this night.

Starting with Harris Stanton, this is an American comedian who is based in Brooklyn. He is an international and national perform with a couple of appearances on the NYC comedy shows as well as TV performances. He has recorded several DVD with great performers such as Patrick Oneal among others. As a polished stand-up comedian performs Harris is expected to mesmerize the audience with the best of his performances. Alongside other big names in the world of comedy, one can only expect a night full of laughter, a day to be remembered.

Karen Bergreen

Karen grew up in NYC and then proceeded to Harvard University majoring in European history. Her career was headed in the opposite direction, she confesses that she worked for politicians, stapling, collating and proofreading materials, a job she described as horrible. She knew that fate had a different story, away from the routine work as a paralegal. She remained optimistic and after weeks of stapling, she turned into comedy, something she was passionate about. Since then she never looked back, she has grown to become one of the most popular standup comedians, having appeared in numerous TV shows as well as in the comedy shows. She brings with her one of the hilarious shows that you have ever seen. You have to be there to witness, grab yourself a ticket and be part of the audience who will not only be mesmerized but will be accorded a lifetime memory.