Josh Blue had won the Last Comic Standing on NBC’s reality show Last Comic Standing through its fourth year, which led May-August 2006. Blue has cerebral palsy, and a lot of his self-deprecating comedy is based on this.

Blue was born in Africa in Cameroon in which his dad, Walter Blue, was a professor of Romance languages in Hamline University instructing in an assignment. Blue climbed up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, also graduated from Como Park Senior High School at 1997. He started his career as a comic when looking for a creative writing degree at The Evergreen State College.




Through college, he moved back to Africa to volunteer as an intern in Parc de Hahn, a zoo in Senegal. At one stage to get a joke on a busy weekend, Josh secured himself in a vacant monster exhibition for 8 hours. A puzzled audience pulled him bananas and peanuts anyhow, to that Josh quips” which was the best afternoon I ate at Senegal!” Blue has cerebral palsy, a brain defect that has restricted the use of the left hand and impacts a number of his motor abilities.

“How my body works, folks are constantly going to stare at me. It is only human nature.”

He determined that when folks were going to stare, he had been likely to give them a much better reason than his handicap. He began attending open microphone nights at school and immediately understood that he had the talent of being able to make people laugh, but he had a special view.

“As a handicapped person, I feel like a great deal of times we do not have to be heard. When I am up there, you don’t have any option but to listen to me. My series isn’t all about the cerebral palsy, but it certainly comes from this point of view. I tried to perform my display from a Southern belle standpoint, but didn’t work quite perfect.”

The Minnesota native has played over 2,000 shows and toured the entire world. He estimates he plays 200 shows annually and just wrapped production on his fifth stand-up particular.

That is an impressive accomplishment for many comic books, but Blue, that just turned 40, does not have any plans to slow down shortly.

If folks tell me I can not do something, it only makes me go’Oh, yeah? I sort of just like a small hardship.”

With each series, Blue goes with one major goal: depart the viewer tender from laughter. He is a comic first and foremost, one that”appears to have cerebral palsy.”

However, Blue desires his humor to attract over simply smiles to the crowd. He expects to attract disabilities more in the limelight. Just do not call him”inspirational”

“I really feel like once you telephone me motivational, it takes away in the achievement I’ve ever had. Can you say it to some other comic that simply ripped the microphone for one hour? If you leave my show, you leave with another perspective on handicap.”

And Blue specializes in self-deprecating comedy, so if you are on the sensitive side — be warned. As his website says, he is”the comic that places cerebral in cerebral palsy.”

“The thing about my humor is that I am so familiar with my handicap you don’t have the right to be uneasy,” said Blue. “Should I say something which’s challenging in my entire life but place it in ways that perhaps you haven’t thought of, and I am laughing at it, it provides you the capacity to laugh in precisely the exact same thing on your own. I feel just like each individual has a handicap in some manner. Whether you are Republican or anemic or anything.”

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Written by Joseph Santiago