Written By Joseph Santiago


Comedian Pete Holmes is getting ready to start his 3rd season on HBO’s the Crashing. Pete launched his stand up special on HBO called Dirty Clean and recently became a father with his wife. His life is looking pretty darn good at the moment.
But, Pete used to be down on his luck as used to have to crash on friends couches. Pete was trying to make it as a stand-up comedian in New York City.
On the show, you will see him crash on the couches of some famous comedians such as Artie Lange’s couch, T.J. Miller and Sarah Silverman to name a few.
The character he plays is “Pete” and it’s based his life. He has now struck it rich and seems to have got into the right zone. Pete Holmes net worth is over 3 million based on what celebrity Net worth. Let’s say he doesn’t need to crash on couches anymore.
Crashing is autobiographical
Yes, it true early in Pete career, he was known as the “couch crasher” He got married a very young age and immediately divorced when his ex-wife cheated on him.  At that moment his relationship ended and he decided to leave his wife and focus on comedy. He honed his skills performing as much as he could on a nightly basis making a name for himself and building up connections.
Pete Holmes even had his own talk tv show.
Way before Crashing he had a tv show called “The Pete Holmes Show”, which aired on TBS. It was a 30-minute that was focused on keeping people laughing after Conan O’Brien show back in 2013.
“When his TV show got the boot and canceled from television one thing he didn’t do was go on a bender,” he told InverseI think I found out the series got canceled on a Thursday, and then the following Wednesday we had been pitching a sketch show on Comedy Central. They did not want a sketch show, and then I had this silent moment in my car in which I was like,’Okay, this is an interesting time. ”’
Pete remembers that he pitched the idea of the show to film director Judd Apatow. At the time Judd was shooting a movie called “TrainWreck” starring Amy Schumer.  He had talked with Judd for about 10 minutes but the last 5 minutes he was pitching him on the series Crashing.
The show series was created to feature some of the best talents New York comedy scene has to offer.  There is no place in the world that has a comedy scene like New York City.  Artie Lange has signed up to be in season three, Plus Holmes has a list of up and coming comedians to make it very entertaining.  Pete talked with Vanity Fair and said life feels like always running into a group of people but not all at once. One of Pete best friends is T.J. Miller and he hadn’t seen him in a few months time as he was on tour in Europe, they go on the street, they are filming a movie but whatever they do they move out of your life.