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Established in 2001

Best Comedy Tickets (BestComedyTickets.com) was established back in 2001 right after the September 11 attacks. Our mission was to bring back joy and happiness to our community here in New York.  We started off as just a street team selling tickets in our favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan.  Stand Up comedy help bring joy back into our hearts and to give us hope for a better future.  How did this happen? Well, it all started with a group of guys and gals who shared a passion for comedy. This passion led them to sell tickets on the streets of New York City for their favorite performers and clubs.

Today, Best Comedy Tickets has become the best place to find show schedules and purchase discount comedy tickets online!

Best Comedy Tickets staff

Founder/Editor in Chief

Joseph Santiago

Joseph SantiagoJoseph Santiago is an entrepreneur and New York transplant living in the Netherlands. His passion for helping people laugh through their worst troubles in life has allowed him to persevere through the tough times and create one of NYC favorite online destinations for comedy tickets 24/7/365.

The site’s expansion into new markets only bolsters Joseph’s impressive track record of working with comedy club owners to deliver exceptional experiences for their patrons; starting with the purchasing of their ticket.


Assistant Editor

josh rosen

Josh Rosen
Josh Rosen is a New York City comedian, born and raised in Philadelphia. He is the creator and co-producer of the Happiest Hour Comedy Show, a free Thursday night shows that has been featured in Time Out New York and The Village Voice.Rosen uses his non-threatening, suburban upbringing to make fun of himself, especially when it comes to his anxiety when food shopping. He, along with his mother, is devastated when people don’t like him. Plus, his girlfriend is much, much hotter than he is.

Contributing Writers of Best Comedy Tickets

james lange

James Lang
With a face for radio and a voice for print, James Lang is an accomplished contributor with more than a year of service on the Best Comedy Tickets team. He is a firm believer in laughter’s ability to heal, inspire and connect. Recognized as an international marketing expert and entrepreneur, he’s used his time with us to bring comedy to the world, one laughing fan at a time!
Gary Miller
Gary Miller is a comedian, actor, and writer currently living in Chicago with a warped and twisted viewpoint on the world. A Denver native with a penchant for wandering off into strange places and making it his home, he is a true gypsy soul with a curiosity that could strangle a jungle cat.
Ryan Matera
Ryan Matera
Ryan Materais a freshman at New York University who writes for Washington Square News and does comedy at local clubs. A Connecticut native, Ryan enjoys stealing away for hikes and disappointing his parents. He studies Sociology and spends his free time dancing his life away.


Mike Shvenderman

Mike Shvenderman
Mike Shvenderman is a New York City-based comic performing at the local clubs and bars. His material is based on social observations and re-tellings of embarrassing life stories. You can check out his album, “Junkie”, on iTunes, Spotify or Google Play. Besides doing stand-up, Mike likes to troll soft core porn stars over the internet and write overly confident articles on this website. If you’re into degenerate people recapping their shittyness feel free to check him out on youtube.com/shvendycomedy


Cate Misczuk

Cate Misczuk
Cate Misczuk is a freelance journalist and New York transplant living in the Netherlands. While her background is in hard news, Cate also enjoys writing about culture and comedy. Her latest comedy stints include mimicking the different American accents for her European friends and poking fun at British swear words. You can find her sucking down coffee at cafes across Utrecht, or petting dogs tied up outside the grocery store.


Kristy Belich

Kristy BelichKristy Belich is a comedian who can be seen performing in NYC, DC, and anywhere where there is an audience including some of the world’s most profound park benches, Walmart parking lots, and frequently roasts people in line at Starbucks.Interested in contributing or interning for BestComedyTickets.com?

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About Us
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About Us
Best Comedy Tickets (BestComedyTickets.com) was established back in 2001 right after the September 11 attacks. Our mission was to bring back joy and happiness to our community here in New York.
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