Adam Sandler to star in 4 movies exclusively for Netflix


By Joseph Santiago

On Thursday, Netflix reported that four unique Adam Sandler films would be going to the Netflix streaming site.

It may appear as a peculiar arrangement for Netflix to assume, considering Sandler’s later movies including “That’s My Boy” and “Blended” have been discriminatingly panned.

Nonetheless, its likely one of the most brilliant moves Netflix has made to date.

Commentators aside, the greater part of Sandler’s motion pictures do to a great degree well in the film world, and in the event that they’re not hits locally, they perform well abroad.



Except for the “Grown Ups” arrangement, Sandler’s films have been performing logically more terrible stateside. On the other side, his motion pictures have gradually been making a greater number of abroad than at home.

Four of his movies since 2011 have profited in the overseas market than in the United States.

So it’s not a shock Netflix says Sandler’s movies are among the most seen by endorsers in the US as well as around the globe in its 40 or more regions including Brazil and the UK.

The Sandler movies accessible to stream differ by nation.

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