New York City is the world’s ground zero for the best comedy. Every evening people pack comedy clubs all around the city to enjoy some of the best laughs that money can get.

At any time, you can catch plenty of improv, sketch, and stand-up shows happening in many of the venues on this guide. While laughter is food for the soul and comedy clubs provide it in more than enough amount, dinner, on the other hand, can be gotten somewhere else. So if you are looking for the best restaurants to order microwaved French fries, gin, or coffee, then these spots have got you covered.


Restaurant near Comedy Cellar

Joe’s Pizza

If you are looking for one of the top 10 comedy clubs in the NYC comedy scene, Comedy Cellar is probably one of them. Every night, this club offers a variety of shows across three different venues within a block of each other. While they offer a fair bit of French fried here, if you are looking for a quick dinner nearby, you can’t do better than Joe’s Pizza on Carmine Street. No seats, just amazing slices, and a table with condiment shakers. It’s likely you could recognize someone on stage who has just eaten with you at Joe’s! If sitting outside is what you like, you can take your pizza out with you to Washington Square Park.


Restaurant near Caroline’s On Broadway

Los Tacos No. 1

When it comes to comedy in NYC, there are several hard truths. One is that you could compare UCB classes with paying a second rent, another is that open mics are full of nervous people who read prank text exchanges with wrong numbers. And a third is that Caroline’s is right in the middle of Times Square, and if you come here for a show, you can always get a $3 tacos afterward at Los Tacos No 1. To get one, you only need to order and eat at a counter, and the upside is that you get to leave Times Square faster.


Another great restaurant nearby is Natsumi. Natsumi, unlike other restaurants in the area, is relaxed and relatively affordable. You can get regular rolls for under $10, and you can enjoy their daily Happy Hours from 4-6 pm and from 10 pm till the close of the day. Natsumi gives the feeling of a kitchen lounge, which is just what Caroline’s typify.


Restaurant near Gotham Comedy Club

Sushi Seki Chelsea

Sushi Seki and Gotham have one thing in common; address. Sushi Seki is one of the favorite spots for sushi in the city, and it just so happens that it is right in the same building as one of the best comedy clubs in NYC, Gotham Comedy Club. However, while you can watch great stand-up here and drink whiskey sodas, You can drop a ton of money on tantalizing raw fish at Sushi Seki. Having said that, your evening doesn’t have to be expensive as you can order a few rolls and some udon here. Thanks to Gotham’s two-drink minimum for that.


Restaurant Near The Pit Comedy Club

Studio Restaurant

The Pit is mostly an improv theater with a few different spaces, but its main building is a couple of blocks from the American/Middle Eastern Studio Restaurant located in the Freehand Hotel. Out to enjoy some of the cool things the city has got to offer? Then you should try coming here before or after a show. You’ll first pass through a beautifully decorated hotel before you get to your table, and it’s that kind of place where you might start thinking of redoing your wardrobe while eating Turkish dumplings and a burger with harissa.


Restaurant near EastVille Comedy Club

Mile End 

Mile End is the Jewish deli in Boreum Hill that offers some of the biggest sandwiches, poutine, and platters of smoked meat. This place is only about two blocks away from Eastville and opens until 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Which means you’ll get quality time the show for a meaty dinner.

Tacombi Fort Greene

Tacombi is not just a great choice for tacos and Palomas, but this Fort Greene location is very convenient if you’re taking the G train and only about a six-minute walk from Eastville.

You can stop by to see the comedian who spends 20 minutes doing roomba bit on the floor.


Restaurants Near New York Comedy Club

Patrizia’s of 2nd Avenue

Patrizia’s group of restaurants started in October of 2009, by Giacomo Alaio and Lou Maschi.

This restaurant is serving up your traditional homemade Italian cooking and focuses mostly on a blend of great foods with exceptional service that leaves guests with unforgettable experiences.

You can also enjoy their family-style tasting menu, which includes seasonally inspired dishes from cheese, homemade bread, pasta, selected seafood, meats, dessert, and wines.

The Little Beet

The Little Beet has taken a thoughtful and local approach to their dining room and vegetable menu experience since October 2014.

Ensuring that you live well while enjoying your meal in comfort. The Little Beet restaurant love to satisfy and be a part of your well being. For that purpose, their menu pushes beyond vegetables into chicken and beef, but with the same focus on whole meals you will enjoy.


Restaurants near LOL Times Square Comedy Club

Angelina Bakery NYC

You would love to visit NYC for places like this!

Just a block off of Lol Times Square Comedy Club, this hidden gem is a must.

Their pastries are amazing, their staff is friendly, and there is a large room to sit while you eat. You could go here with your family and enjoy a great meal. Ordered some ham and Swiss or a Nutella croissant because they are large enough to share.

If You love your croissant to be flaky and fresh, then this restaurant has just what you are looking for. The kind of croissant that you have to keep dusting crumbs off your sweater while you eat. They serve them in a cute little basket instead of a plate, and they come warmed to order. I highly recommend you taking a break from  Times Square and checking this place out.