Bingo n’ Laughs in Alewife Stand up Comedy in Long Island City New York

bingo n comedy long island city
bingo n comedy long island city A free weekly bingo and stand up comedy show in Long Island City New York! It’s lots of fun with craft beers and prizes to be won. Wednesdays 4/25, 8 pm, Alewife, 5-14 51st Ave, Queens, NY 11101 Comedy from: Host: Matt Bachus (Caroline’s Breakout Artist) Sallie Smith-Fitch (Second City) Katie Boyle (Women in comedy festival) Darius Davies (BBC) Josh Johnson (Comedy Central) Facebook:


Kayla Bernadette and Danny Archila Sat Down For a Chat About Hustling In Comedy

You can’t joke about something you don’t genuinely care about. That’s the epiphany I had whilst talking to one of the rawest yet most pleasant open mikers I know. She reveals to me the secret that has garnered her respect in the scene for telling what’s special about her own life, rather than sticking to the status quo. We also talk briefly about hecklers, self-promotion and the role someone’s faith plays when chasing their career. After a brief meal of hour-old fish and chips, Kayla Bernadette and I sat down for a chat about hustling in comedy to prove your worth. read more

New York Comedy Clubs Maps I NYC Comedy Club Venues

New York Comedy Clubs

New York Comedy Clubs

New York City Most Popular Comedy Club Venue Map

Looking for the best NYC Comedy Clubs to visit on your next trip, but overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of exciting things to do in New York City? Use this interactive map of New York City’s most popular attractions to plot your travel itinerary. Be sure to include as many fantastic attractions, museums, monuments, parks and skyscrapers as possible you don’t want to look back and regret missing the one your chirpy neighbor saw. Click on each icon to find each attraction’s hours and info, and get your tickets ahead of time so you get any discounts available and don’t have to wait in line when you get there! read more

Student Discounts in NYC to help you Save Money and Have Fun

A Guide to Have Fun In NYC For College Students

Are you looking for things to do in NYC for college students? College life, without any doubt, is the best time of life. Every minute you spend there is a wonderful experience and a fond memory. However, no student life is complete without difficulties. There are numerous problems faced by every student, but nobody talks about how to deal with these problems.

College students have a lot on their mind, from attending class to submitting assignments before deadlines to getting a job. All these challenges get the best of students. The only thing students need to understand is that problems are a part of life. Most of the students waste their time worrying about tackling the problems and forget to have fun. This often leads to several health problems like unnecessary weight loss, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. read more

Best Comedy Shows in NYC This Week I NYC Comedy Clubs

comedy listing

comedy listing

Enjoy A Night Out Seeing Live Comedy in New York City This Week

If you want to have a fun night out with friends or loved ones, NYC comedy clubs is the best choice. This city has been the center of live stand-up and improv comedy. An ideal way to enjoy in NYC is to watch stand-up comedy. It is home to numerous talented and popular comedians who will leave you spellbound with their hilarious jokes and punch lines. With so many comics, choosing the best is a challenging and risky task. To help you enjoy the best stand-up comedy, we have listed NYC live comedy shows for this week. read more