In January of 1985, Ken’s parents had unprotected sex to celebrate the new year. Nine months later, Ken was born (September 15th). In 2008 he began his comedy career in his hometown of Houston, Texas and built a strong fan base in 5 short years. In 2012 he caught the attention of internationally recognized comedian Tony Rock and was invited to feature for him on the road, whom which Ken still travels with today. Although Mr. Boyd had reached a fair amount of success, he eventually began to feel limited by the lack of opportunities in his hometown and decided to relocate to N

ew York City in 2013. There, he found residency at “LOL Comedy Club” in times square were he is currently a regular and a club favorite. In late 2016 Ken made his Comedy Central debut on “Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City”. Mr. Ken Boyd is the perfect balance of intelligence and nonsense. Or as he likes to call it “sophisticated ignorance.”