Luke Thayer

Luke Thayer Sure he’s funny with his unorthodox view of social norms and insight into the choices people make but look at those eyes!

Luke is the creator of the popular live comedy hour, “The Living Room” in New York City and has been in numerous comedy festivals across the country and internationally.

He has been seen on Brain Games on Nat Geo, Tyra, Food Network, and All Night with Joey Reynolds on NBC, and Comcast’s Trial By Laughter as well as Funny Or Die Originals, College Humor and listed in the NY Post’s Comics’ Favorite Jokes.

Here is a list of comedy club venues Luke often performs: Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Dangerfield’s Comedy Club, UCB, every Friday at Postmark Cafe 326 6th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215 for The Living Room Show Gandhi, is That You? at Lucky Jacks

Luke can currently be seen on Fox’s Laughs.

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