Science Degree in “Commerce & Engineering” from Drexel University. He has been a stand-up comic for the last 15 years who is seriously dedicated to his craft and determined to rise to the top.

Mike got into comedy spurred on by both friends and family. He had always enjoyed making people laugh but had no interest in pursuing comedy in any type of professional capacity. He got his start after attending a few comedy workshops at the former Uptown Comedy Club in Harlem, New York just to see what it would be like. It was there that he was given a blueprint to maximize his talent. Along with stand-up, Mike is very much interested in pursuing acting & directing careers as well.

Through dedication and a passion for the art of comedy, Mike has progressed from a promising local talent to a powerhouse comedian. He has had the opportunity to have people “bust-a-gut” all over the world, even as far as China. The thing that Mike loves most about being a comedian is having the ability to make people from all walks of life enjoy some laughter at the same time. He truly believes that GOD has bestowed this precious healing power of “comedy” upon him and he intends to use it to bring much needed smiles to so many heavy hearts. Rodney King asked of the world not too long ago “CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?” Now that unfortunately may not be too realistic, but in any comedy club, on any given night, it is possible for at least a couple of hours… and that is definitely a good start!

Mike Britt is a veteran of the NYC comedy stage. He can be seen nightly performing at NYC comedy clubs Eastville Comedy Club, Dangerfield’s Comedy Club, Stand UP NY, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, Comic Strip Live. Buy tickets to Mike Britt NYC Comedy Club Shows at Best Comedy Tickets.

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