Phil Stamato

Philip Stamato comedian

Phil Stamato has almost certainly never killed anybody. Most successful comedians have also never killed anybody. Phil Stamato is a lot like a successful comedian. Because of this commonality, Phil has performed at comedy clubs throughout New York City, appearing regularly at The Laughing Devil Comedy Club, The Stand, New York Comedy Club, Eastville Comedy Club, and Greenwich Village Comedy Club. When he’s not busy revealing the core essence of truth in the form of silly things, Phil also writes for the comedy industry website Splitsider, where he as interviewed such comedic talent as Bill Burr, Mike Birbiglia, Rachel Feinstein, Jay Oakerson, Jacqueline Novak, and Yannis Pappas.
His jokes are the result of his entangled bravado and anxiety, routinely calling into question the reasons that we say and do what we do and say. If you would like further explanation of Phil’s jokes and modes of self-expression, please direct all inquiries toward his mother, who loves him lots and just wants to see him do well.
Phil spent six years studying Latin and Ancient Greek literature before it dawned on him that they stopped being useful approximately 1,500 years ago. In addition to Latin and Greek, Phil has also added such languages as Italian, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Mandarin Chinese, and Old English to his list of things he never actually needed to study. While these languages make little impact on his jokes or style of humor, they are very useful for inserting himself into pretentious conversation circles at parties. If Phil were more honest—and let’s not forget that he is currently typing this bio—he really only got into those things because mythology is very silly and learning lots of languages made him seem more impressive (except to people who aren’t impressed by people who know a lot of languages, which is probably one of the many sources of the above-referenced anxiety).