levity-liveLevity Live Comedy Club aims to be the premier venue to experience stand-up comedy in West Nyack and beyond. Bringing together award-winning chef Joey Camaparo’s food with an amazing bar and top of the line comedic talent, Levity Live will be your comedy destination for years to come!

Established in 2012.

Most comedy clubs are exactly the same. Tiny tables, two drinks and soggy nachos all crammed around the stage. And that’s fine.
It works, because you’re just waiting for the act to start. But if you want a great night out, why would you spend it waiting around for a
punchline? Levity Live offers a whole experience. A reason to wear your badass new shoes and a place that’ll actually impress your
date. This is comedy for everyone who likes to laugh, in a place that makes you feel like you’re more than just anyone. A classy take on
a classic idea. You come here for more than just funny, you come here for fun. Great food, great drinks, great atmosphere…and on
top of all that, great entertainment. This is anything but the usual comedy routine.

When: Thursday, Apr 30, 2015 7:30 PM (Doors open at 6:45 PM)
Ticket Price: $15.00
Door Time: 6:45 PM
Show Type: Stand Up
Restrictions: 18 & over
2 Item Minimum Per Person in Showroom
Seating will stop 30 minutes after the showtime
Keith Alberstadt grew up the son of a Vanderbilt professor and a craft artist. The result . . . a very clever comic with sharp perception, unmatched creativity, and a treasure trove of unique material. His likable personality and down-to-earth charm invite people into his brand of humor—one that is smart but not brainy and relatable but not hacky. While performing, Keith takes pride in laughing at himself and his “inner dork”, which he attempts to prove is something in all of us. Current events, popular trends, personal details… Keith shares his witty insight on everything, all the while doing it with a mischievous smile that quickly becomes infectious. A regular performer for the U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, Keith has been described as “absolutely hilarious” by Armed Forces Entertainment and “a hidden gem” by the Boston Globe. He’s also a contributing writer for Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, National Lampoon and various online magazines.