• When: Tuesday, Aug 18, 2015 10:00 PM (Doors open at 9:30 PM)
  • Ticket Price: $15.00
  • Door Time: 9:30 PM
  • Show Type: Stand Up
  • Restrictions: 16 & over
Alexis Guerreros:Born and raised in Newark NJ and moved to NYC as fast as he possibly could. Over the last few years in the NYC comedy scene Alexis has developed into the type of comic that can host, open, middle, and close a show out. His goal is to be on stage 15-20 times a week. He also is the host of Show Me Your Bits podcast and if you bring up soccer, he’ll talk your ear off.

Mike Cannon:Mike Cannon is a New York City based comedian and a delightful human being. He thinks being a good human being is more important, but for the purposes of this advertisement will keep his thoughts focused to comedy. Mike has been featured on VH1’s “Why Am I Still Single?”, The Huffington Post, Sirius/XM Radio – Raw Dawg Comedy Channel, and among others. This fall he will appear on MTV’s new Untitled Fail Show as a featured comedian panelist. Mike regularly plays major clubs throughout New York City, and is always working on his act. It makes no difference to him whether he’s performing in clubs, trying jokes out on his friends, or bothering strangers on the subway for loose change or a sandwich. Comedy is his life, and he is dedicated to making the majority of you laugh and the rest of you squirm.