Jimmy Fallon Is Getting His Own Ride At Universal Studios in Orlando

Jimmy Fallon theme park

Written by Joseph Santiago
Entertainment Editor of Best Comedy Tickets

Jimmy Fallon theme park

Late-night host and comic Jimmy Fallon will be getting his own roller coaster ride at Universal Studios in Florida, the 41 year old comedians mentioned on his late show.

The name of the ride is Race Through New York, which is starring Jimmy Fallon, and is scheduled to open in 2017, Fallon new ride will be replacing Twister… Ride it out will end on November 2. Twister has been a popular roller coster for the past 20 years. Jimmy was very excited to break the news on his late night show, nonetheless he wasn’t able to give out to much information about the ride. He did mention the ride would have smoke, water, and will be in 3D. “If you really do it right you can it up to 8D,” Fallon joked.

Below is a clip of Fallon excitingly being giddy about the announcement of his very own theme park ride.

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