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Joseph Santiago

Joseph Santiago – Chief Executive Officer

Behind every great company, there’s an entrepreneur with a story to tell. Joseph Santiago is no exception. A lifelong passion for comedy led Joseph to turn a moment of frustration and fear, after being laid off from a financial firm following the economic upheaval caused by the terrorist attacks on 9/11, into finding joy and soul-repairing laughter in NYC world famous comedy clubs.

Initially selling tickets on the street of the Big Apple, Joseph helped steer his team in a new direction by taking their efforts and relationships online with His passion for helping people laugh through their worst troubles in life has allowed him to persevere through the tough times and create one of NYC favorite online destinations for comedy tickets 24/7/365.

The site’s expansion into new markets only bolsters Joseph’s impressive track-record of working with comedy club owners to deliver exceptional experiences for their patrons; starting with the purchasing of their ticket.




James Lange – Editor-in-Chief

James Lang started writing for Best Comedy Tickets in early 2014. His articles cover virtually anything and everything newsworthy in the world of comedy. An unhealthy Netflix obsession turned into a great database of Netflix comedies. His patriotism drew him into covering Jon Stewart’s efforts to help 9/11 survivors. And his love of creating amazing blog content prompted him to his jump into a freelance writing career. We hate that he cheats on us with other companies, but we love his unwavering dedication to our blog.

Scratching beneath the surface, you’ll find a great communicator who loves to laugh and help people out. I swear, we saw him walking around shirtless. The working theory is he gave someone the shirt off his own back, but it was the red light district…”




Kaitlyn Murphy - Writer

Kaitlyn Murphy – Writer

Kaitlyn Murphy is a NYC comedian still living at home with her supportive parents and dog. She’s obsessed with animals but will never turn down a cheeseburger. She can be seen performing at comedy clubs like Caroline’s, Dangerfield’s, Greenwich Village, Gotham and that’s just NYC. Kaitlyn often takes her comedy on the road to give a variety of audiences a taste of her rambunctious life.


She’s been featured on MTV and participated in the 2016 New York Comedy Festival. Her goal in this crazy, twisted comedy world is to hear the sentence “my mom is your biggest fan” from as many people possible.






troy alan comedian

Troy Alan – Writer

Troy is a NYC-based comic and writer who has performed not only in the US, but has headlined a show in Amsterdam, and performed in Paris and Dublin.   Troy’s comedy is a mixture of intellectual sophistication and puerility. Troy is sometimes humane, other times completely insensitive, but always entertaining.


Troy has worked in almost all of the New York clubs, including The Comic Strip, The Stand, Stand-Up New York, Caroline’s, New York Comedy Club, and Gotham Comedy Club. In addition, Troy is a regular on the underground comedy scene in New York City.

Troy’s work has been featured on Laughs on Fox TV and Time Out New York. Troy has performed in the Laughing Devil Comedy Festival, Jersey Shore ComedyFest, and he hosted the 2013 Laughing Devil Cup, a 5-day comedy tournament in New York City.

In 2012, Troy made his off-Broadway debut as Vincentio in a red-neck remake of the Shakespeare classic The Taming of the Shrew. Critics applauded Troy’s performance, calling it a “breath of fresh air.” The other cast members were not as impressed.

Most recently, Troy wrote and starred in a short satirical video postcard for Donald Trump’s inauguration, which can be found on YouTube under the title, “Russian Winter Is Coming.”




Tracey CarnazzoTracey Carnazzo is a comedian, writer and producer from New York City.  Tracey’s perspectives on sex, dating and all of life’s other challenges will open your mind and leave you in hysterics. Tracey has built quite the following with her hard work and dedication to the craft. She currently produces and hosts the hit show Race & Sex at The Standing Room in NYC and The Stand Comedy Club featuring the most talented comics of our time and the popular Hashtag Comedy at QED in Astoria along with Sophisticated Humor at Bushwick’s Terra Firma. Tracey regularly performs all over New York City.






Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen – Writer

Josh Rosen is a New York City comedian, born and raised in Philadelphia. He is the creator and co-producer of the Happiest Hour Comedy Show, a free Thursday night show that has been featured in Time Out New York and The Village Voice.

Rosen uses his non-threatening, suburban upbringing to make fun of himself, especially when it comes to his anxiety when food shopping. He, along with his mother, is devastated when people don’t like him. Plus, his girlfriend is much, much hotter than he is.









Billy Procida – Writer

Billy Procida is a New York-based comedian and host of The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love. He’s been published in The New York Times Magazine, xoJane, and He’s been arrested in New Jersey.











teresa sheffield

Teresa Sheffield – Writer

Teresa Sheffield is a NYC-based comedian, writer, actress, producer, and director. You can find her regularly performing stand-up all over the city including Gotham Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, and Broadway Comedy Club. Teresa created and produced the show Bold Blend, currently on Al Roker TV, and got her start in television working in production at the Fox Business Network on Imus in the Morning, Strange Inheritance: Unpacked, FBN: am, and Making Money w/ Charles Payne.









Ryan Matera

Ryan Matera – Writer



Ryan Matera is a freshman at New York University who writes for Washington Square News and does comedy at local clubs. A Connecticut native, Ryan enjoys stealing away for hikes and disappointing his parents. He studies Sociology and spends his free time dancing his life away.








Mike Shvenderman

Mike Shvenderman – Writer



Mike Shvenderman is a New York City based comic performing at the local clubs and bars. His material is based on social observations and re-tellings of embarrassing life stories. You can check out his album, “Junkie”, on ITunes, Spotify or Google Play. Besides doing stand-up, Mike likes to troll soft core porn stars over the internet and write overly confident articles on this website. If you’re into degenerate people recapping their shittyness feel free to check him out on .







Cate Misczuk

Cate Misczuk – Writer

Cate Misczuk is a freelance journalist and New York transplant living in the Netherlands. While her background is in hard news, Cate also enjoys writing about culture and comedy. Her latest comedy stints include mimicking the different American accents for her European friends, and poking fun at British swear words. You can find her sucking down coffee at cafes across Utrecht, or petting dogs tied up outside the grocery store.










Kristy Belich

Kristy Belich – Writer

Kristy Belich is a comedian who can be seen performing in NYC, DC, and anywhere where there is an audience including some of the world’s most profound park benches, Walmart parking lots, and frequently roasts people in line at Starbucks.











Gary Miller – Writer

Gary Miller is a human that hails from Denver. He’s been in some stuff, wrote some stuff, done some comedy, and will continue to do so. Feel free to keep giving him work. He likes that.












Joshua Silver - Writer

Joshua Silver – Writer

Writing from the corn fields in north eastern Ohio, Josh likes long walks in the corn rows in the summer and short walks in the snow drifts during winter. With a wife and two kids, Josh has had tone down the dark sense of humor that he picked up in the fire department. He is a firm believer that chickens are decent people, and sometimes the worlds a greasy horror show!










Grant Reed

Grant Reed – Writer

Joseph Grant Read

Bio Coming Soon.