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Best Comedy Tickets Gift Cards

Best Comedy Tickets Gift Cards

Much like art, comedic taste differs from person to person. That’s why BCT offers the perfect gift for every occasion: e-gift cards!  Know somebody that likes to laugh? Never sure what to get them? We have you covered with e-gift cards that can be redeemed for virtually any comedy performance listed on

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Okay, for the people out there that have to make something as simple as a Gift Card complicated, this section is for you!

How Do I Redeem My Gift Card?

To redeem your gift card, (1) select which club and show you would like to see; (2) click the option to “redeem gift card”; (3) enter the PIN from your e-gift card; (4) print your ticket, and (5) enjoy the show!

Which Comedy Clubs Accept the BCT E-Gift Card?

You can use a BCT e-gift card to pay for any show, at any club listed on our site.

Are There Any Fees for Using My E-Gift Card?

No additional fees are collected or deducted from your total balance. The price of the ticket + taxes (if applicable) are the only thing deducted from the card balance at the time of the transaction.

Will I Receive a Card in the Mail?

No, to insure security and keep things simple, gift card buyers will be sent an email containing all the information needed for gift purchases on our site. The email can either be printed or forwarded to the person that will use the gift code.   

Can I Check My Balance?

Yes, you can! In the gift card section, just click the button to check your balance and enter your code.

E-Gift Card Terms and Conditions

E-gift cards are not redeemable for cash, credit, or the purchase of another gift card. E-gift card codes cannot be replaced if lost (just reprint the email).