Laughing Devil Comedy Club

Laughing Devil Comedy ClubLaughing Devil comedy club in Long Island City, Queens was written up in 7 NYC papers even before it opened its doors.

Laughing Devil Comedy Club is revolutionizing how comedy clubs operate. It’s the world’s smallest comedy club at just 50 seats, but offers its customers an incredible experience. With 14 draft beers to choose from, a full dinner and desert menu, and an incredibly hip decor, the club is head and shoulders above its competition.

Servers take orders on ipods, keeping service speedy and overhead low – and allowing our drink prices to be half that of most other clubs. The item minimum include can include food and souvenirs, and the club’s talent is second to none. When we opened, we received congratulatory notes from everyone from Zach Galifianakis to Michael Ian Black.

We pride ourselves on customer service, and sometimes do things like buy the whole room a round of shots or give away souvenirs at the end of a show. It’s really a wonderful place to spend an evening.

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