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47-38 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101
Laughing Devil Comedy Club

 The Laughing Devil is located in Long Island City, New York City and is Queens’ only comedy club. This NYC comedy club is the most spatially challenged comedy club in the United States. Located one stop away from Grand Central Station, this NYC comedy club is a favorite among many local comedy enthusiasts. Steve Hofstetter is the original owner of the Laughing Devil and professional comedian in his own right. Hofstetter recently sold the comedy club to the same people who own “The Stand NYC”, one of the highest rated NYC comedy clubs. The owners of the Laughing Devil are committed to excellence. The owners of the Laughing Devil NYC comedy club also run a management company called Cringe Humor. The owners of this comedy club are some of the most passionate connoisseurs in comedy and it is clear that this NYC comedy club is owned by some of the industry’s best.

Comedy shows in NYC do not get any better than this. Most comedy in NYC is performed only at sundown, but the Laughing Devil often plays classic movies such as Animal House and Spaceballs during the day, before the nighttime performances begin. This club has a full bar with delicious drinks and features some of the best up-and-coming comedians. The Laughing Devil is a favorite among NYC locals because of everything the club stands for. The club’s mascot is a laughing devil with a pitchfork and, even though the club itself is small, you don’t feel crowded once you’re in it. The bar takes up almost half of the club and is a main event in and of itself. The stage where the comedians perform is the center-piece of this NYC comedy show and the comedians often crack jokes at how small the place is.

Watching comedy in NYC is one of the most entertaining things you can do on your trip. This NYC comedy club is known for supplying a different kind of comedy. Instead of an uptight show and stingy bartenders, the Laughing Devil comes with a friendly atmosphere and a fantastic selection of drinks. This club has special events performed on many holidays such as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve. The Laughing Devil features many shows each day, but due to its small size performances are frequently sold out. So, be sure to purchase your tickets beforehand!

Laughing Devil Comedy Club – Comedy Shows in NYC