New York Comedy Club – East Village

85 East 4th Street; New York, NY, 10003 (Maps)

New York Comedy Club – East Village

New York Comedy Club in the East Village in Manhattan.

If you are looking for an excellent experience of the best stand-up comedy in NYC than the New York Comedy Club is the club to go to.

In today’s world, everyone is busy in their lives that they don’t have the time to relax.

The perfect way to feel rejuvenated without burning a hole in your pocket is by going to a comedy club.

New York Comedy Club in the East Village

New York Comedy Club has been in business since 1989. They are without a doubt one of the best comedy clubs in NYC.

New York Comedy Club featured a classic brick wall on the stage and candlelit room. This provided an intimate and welcoming space. The New York Comedy Club offers a collection of traditional drinks that you could enjoy while the comedians perform.

In 2014, the ownership of the club changed when Scott Lindner and Emilio Savone bought the club from Al Martin. The main aim was to provide a space to the people and comics where they can feel invited.

 Second New York Comedy Club

The owners opened up a second New York Comedy Club in East Village in the place of the old Eastville Comedy Club. The club is capable of seating 180 people in the showroom. The club has gone through some renovations and changes.

Scott and Emilio are focusing on creating an outstanding experience for people and provide an environment that is engaging. They want to focus on bringing great shows and comics for people, so they can have a good laugh. Their aim is to have the club packed with people every night. They want to make this club the greatest comedy club that provides brilliant comedy.

The club focuses on offering a platform for the comics to showcase their talents. The stage is available for both unknown and known comedians. It will be a great opportunity for new comics to start their careers.
Since they want to create the perfect environment for everyone, they offer a wide range of drinks, from refreshing cola to a delicious martini. The club has good snacks on the menu to enjoy the comedy. You can enjoy the night with your friends and family. Many celebrity comedians come to perform at the club. Many of New York’s finest comedians perform and hang out with fellow comics and have drinks at the club.

In the end, both Scott and Emilio created a second classic comedy club in the East Village. They have a great team, which is working hard to make this club the best comedy club in NYC.
If you want to have a night that is filled with laughter, book your tickets now. Hurry up before you miss your chance.

New York Comedy Club - East Village
New York, 318 W 53rd St,East Village,USA-10019
Starting on
September 4, 2019
Ending on
September 30, 2019
New York Comedy Club opened its second location in the East Village on 4th Street in the old Eastville Comedy Club location. Find NYC Comedy Clubs tickets
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USD $25
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