The Creek and the Cave

The Creek & The Cave

The Creek & The Cave

The Creek and The Cave are proud to have paved the way for comedy in Long Island City. After all, we are the funniest neighborhood in Queens! We grew from a sprawling dive bar that was open 6 days a week to come to be named “The gem of the Queens comedy scene” by Time Out New York.”

On January 5th, 2005, I was meeting a man about a play and stumbled into this amazing oasis for creativity. I hadn’t so much as poured a pint of beer or served a plate of food before I came to The Creek and The Cave, and yet eighteen months later I became its proprietress.

The Creek and The Cave quickly evolved into a development space for some of the best comedians that New York City has to offer. Louis C.K. dropped in a while back, Colin Quinn developed his internationally touring one-man show Unconstitutional here, James Adomian continues to be a regular on Comedy Bang Bang and Donald Glover (NBC’s Community, Childish Gambino), an original Creek comedian says, “I had a lot of firsts here. I did my first stand up here. My first live concert was here. The Creek changed my life. I wouldn’t be here without you and your influence.”

Creek performers continue to bring laughs to our stage in Queens, while also debuting in your living room. Sean Patton and Jay Larson are currently filming Esquire Network’s Best Bars of America (which featured The Creek and The Cave in it’s New York episode), Seaton Smith will be on Fox’s Mulaney, and Michelle Wolf, Nick Turner, Michael Che, Lucas Brothers, Michael Lawrence, Mike Recine, and many more Creek regulars have recently enjoyed Late Nightspots. The Creek also showcases talent for the Montreal Just for Laughs, SXSW, Cape Fear Comedy, Accidental Comedy, Hell Yes, New York Comedy, and Northside Festivals.

The Creek is now open 7 days a week and offers 150+ live events a month (including the award-winning Week at the Creek), boasts 8 pinball machines, is host to a podcast network ( of over 20 weekly shows, regularly tours the country as CreekCaveLive and is home to culinary treats such as Churros Ice Cream Sandwiches, Praline Bacon and some of the tastiest California Style Mexican this side of the Mississippi. Come Eat Drink Play and Laugh with us! As Andrew W.K. said, “It’s all going down at one of the best bars in Long Island City, The Creek and The Cave, which has rightly earned its nickname “the CBGB’s of comedy.”

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