Video: Cops Heckle Comedian While Interrupting His Set To Make Arrest


One of the strangest heckling moments since John Lennon got shot out from a “Smothers Brothers” show happened on Saturday night at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City, where a gathering of NYPD officers walked into make a capture amid an comedian set—then pestered him when he split shrewd about the interruption. It’s difficult to make out the cops in the feature, yet you can obviously hear one of them advise entertainer Adam Newman to “quiets the f*ck down.” Nice blaze.

Confounded in respect to what the police are doing there, Newman asks the officers, “You all couldn’t have held up until after my set?” One is heard answering, “Clearly not,” while the other one includes, “Clearly, quiets the fuck down, okay?” Hey officers, we don’t go to YOUR employment and holler out inconsiderate comments about how YOU function… (basically in light of the fact that we would prefer not to get pepper-showered).

Later, Newman Tweeted:



The NYPD press office didn’t have any data about the capture, however considering the amount press Newman’s gotten out of this, they can probably expect a very nice donut basket some time this week.

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