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A joke is a joke, it must not be taken seriously, yet in case it offends someone, one must take the responsibility.

Amy Schumer is a stand-up comedian who is known for her humor wherever she goes. Her good humor can be seen in the Comedy Central show “Inside Amy Schumer”, in “the Bachelorette”, and become the cover of numerous magazines. Her name usually conquers the twitter and Facebook page due to her viral comedy skits.

But her current success wasn’t that easy. Before people recognize her humor and laugh on her jokes, the journey she gone through was also full of ups and downs, especially those days when she was still young. Schumer grew up in Long Island with her younger sister and one older brother.

Her early years become much troubled when her parents got divorced. She was then leave broken at the age of 12. Afterwards, they found out that her father is suffering from multiple sclerosis. The situation even became worse upon the bankruptcy of their furniture company.

As a middle child, she wants to ease the bad feeling bought by the incidence. She made to find humor in the worst situation they are in.

Her first comedy audiences are her mother and friends. That first performance also became her inspiration to continue her journey being on the field of entertainment. After watching the tape of her performance, she then said that there is nowhere to go but up. She prepared herself in the world she decided to engage in. Then later on she did gigs in New York Comedy Clubs.

Slowly, through her dedication and passion, her career then improved. She then performed to bigger venues, become devoted to her job and finally become well known comedy actress.

Since she now is popular, more and more individuals are looking after her acts. Her job, is of course, to make people happy. But if she had gained the hearts of her audience, she will not escape the critic.

As a comedian, Amy Schumer is used to do dumb jokes, but one of this has attract attention from her audiences, especially the critic. She has recently found as the subject for her jokes. The 34-year old stand-up comedian was stock in a buzz in the social media for the joke that was considered by some critic as a “racist” one. Her being ‘feminist comedian” has gained numerous devoted fans but it is also her joke about race that placed her in the hot seat.

The 3rd season of “Inside Amy Schumer” became internet abuzz. The issue had occurred in a stand-up act where she cracked a joke mocking some Hispanic men. Twitter users Feminista Jones and Martine Joelle ask for Amy Schumer’s responsibility as a story teller when she said the joke “I used to date Hispanic guys, but now I prefer consensual”.

Because of the pressure coming from both media and her fans, she then accepted her mistake and apologized on the unintended misconception about the joke she made. She said that this one is just quite similar to lots of dumb jokes she made, but still take the responsibility

Schumer responded to the tweet of Martine Joelle explaining that the joke was written 2 years ago. She also writes about realizing her influence on numerous eyes and ears on her so she will now stop telling similar jokes on her stand-up acts. And as an evolving artist, she will take the responsibility and is hoping that she is not hurting anyone.

She has become also the subject of numerous article that criticize her jokes that connects with races. Guardian article currently said that Schumer has “shockingly large blind spot around race”.

She defended herself regarding this issue and responded that she will joke about things they like and about the things they are not comfortable with, and that is ok.

Her previous made jokes like the one that points Latina women as crazy and the joke “Nothing works 100% of the time except Mexicans”
The Daily Dot writer Anne Theriault said in his article that Schumer jokes primarily is targeting her white audience and are told often overhead the color of people.

Schumer then responded on it through twitter saying that all of the jokes are just meant to be jokes, they are just mistakenly consider it as “lazy” or “blind spot for racism”. It’s a joke because people laugh at it.

But people have gained different perspective about the apology given. Some has viewed the tweet of Schumer as a missed opportunity to recognize what could be interpreted as a racial insensitivity.

Slate writer E. Alex Jung said in his article that the response given is disheartening for individuals who are cheering for the ascendance of Schumer. According to the writer “Schumer’s weekly injection of humor are at once topical and deft, feminist without feeling didactic, the exact opposite of her response.

Amy Schumer stands straight despite of the issues thrown to her. She takes the responsibility for the jokes she have said that has hurt individuals but she also claimed nothing is wrong with her lines because people had laugh on it, and that is comedy. It should be funny and should catch humor with the audience.

Amy Schumer always filled the night not just with nonsense jokes, all are edgy and make strong points. Her jokes are the best and that was proven when she was chosen as the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. Despite of the criticism regarding her jokes, Schumer is still on the go to make more people happy. She is currently making a new sketch which is the “trainwhreck”.

Most of Schumer’s sketch has feminist angle. She is also the type of comedian whose sense of humor is like knock-off-your feet because you will never expect that someone like her, especially with her looks, will say stuff you never supposed to hear it from her.

She is then worth to be seen. As what she had said, she never intended to hurt the feelings of anyone. And if she does hurt her audience, she will then stop telling it onstage.

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