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Here’s our cookie policy:

We use cookies on our websites to ensure that we send you the right content based on requests from your computer. These cookies help us store information about services that we provide for you, like special and pre-sales offers. Whenever you buy something from us, we use cookies to remember your choices as you navigate our website.

We also host different content from other third parties with cookies on your computer. Examples of these providers are companies like Google. In addition, the cookies have expiry dates, meaning that they will stay on your computer until they expire.

However, you can remove these cookies from your computer whenever you wish to. You can get instructions from your browser to know how to remove these cookies.

Cookie Policy: Categories

We categorize our cookies into different groups so that we can easily identify the cookies that are required for different operations. The different categories are.

  • Strictly Necessary: Cookies that are vital to helping you move around the website and use its features and services
  • Functional: The cookies make it easier for the website to remember your choices. For example, your log-in details, username, customizations, and even language preferences. These are all vital to provide specific services to users.
  • Performance: The cookies will let us update the site so that it can cater to your preferences. It’s also to improve the performance of the site. Performance cookies allow us to manage the site traffic. 
  • Targeting/Advertising: The cookies gather information from your browsing habits, and this is for advertorial purposes, especially those that will interest you. It will also help reduce the number of times we serve these adverts to you and analyze how effective our campaign is. 

Cookies we place on your computer

Cookie Name Purpose Lifespan Category
Best Comedy Tickets Session waf_session_id Capture session ID for the time you spend on Best Comedy Tickets Session Strictly Necessary
Best Comedy Signed In Info Bestacct2 Stores the local version of the dropdown data of your account button 10 days Functional
Best Comedy Signed In Info IsAuth Stores when a user logs in Session Functional
Best Comedy Tickets Marketing AFL An Affiliate tracking cookie to give affiliate credits for sales 1 month Marketing/Functional
Best Comedy Tickets Promote NTSTRK_trkuuid Stores when a user accesses Best Comedy Tickets event page from distributed commerce partners. 7 days Marketing/Functional
Best Comedy Tickets Login OAuth Token Makes calls for a signed-in user Session Functional
Cloudflare _cfduid Identifies individual clients behind a shared IP address and applies security settings 1 Year Functional
CRM (Hubspot) _hssc





HubSpot utilizes cookies to 30 days Targeting/Advertising
Facebook _fbp Facebook uses this to deliver personalized content 180 days Targeting/Advertising
Analytics (Google) _ga


The cookies gather information about your use of the website. We compile information to improve your experience 30 days Functional
Heat Mapping (CrazyEgg) Used by CrazyEgg to track user behavior Targeting/Advertising
Queue-it Queue-it Offers a safety net to excess traffic 1 hour Functional
Cart Abandonment Abandonurl PopupID We use the cookie to deliver personalized content. Session Functional

Other cookies (placed by our partners)

There are other cookies placed by computer third parties and some of our partners. The cookies may vary depending on the ticket and event you buy. You can request full information about this cookie.

Change your cookie settings

You can control the cookies from most web browsers. Learn more about cookies at or

You can manage cookies on browsers like Apple Safari, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome.


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