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The American actor and stand up comedian Bill Cosby age 77 has admitted that in 2005 that he had sleeping pills in his possession with the intent to give these young women so he could have sex with them. This is evident from the documents of a lawsuit against Cosby in 2005, which have been claimed by the US news agency AP.

Last week, the lawyer said Cosby that it would be embarrassing if those documents would be published after ten years. In response, the AP asked for publicity and got the pieces. The information comes from a case in which Cosby was accused of sexual abuse.

In recent years, certainly fifteen women came forward with similar allegations against the actor, for his role in the hit television series The Cosby Show was just known for years as “the ideal man”. If the good-natured Cliff Huxtable he was an icon: in the 80 prime example of a successful clean (black) American. But that image falters now. The role model is the series of indictments particularly hard from grace cases.

All the women they say they got a drink after which they were sleepy and they later raped by Bill Cosby. The hypnotic – lude – contains the chemical methaqualone, and is a tranquilizer. It is not legally available. Cosby denies all allegations and has never been convicted of abuse.

The lawsuit in 2005 in the US state of Pennsylvania for an undisclosed sum. The actor explained according to the documents under oath that he had the sleeping pill in his possession for the purpose of stun people. He also admitted that he had given it to at least one woman. It is unclear if he subsequently had sex with this woman.

Cosby has over the past decade repeatedly accused of sexual abuse, but these charges were appropriate or given short shrift. Suspicions have arrived in the media when the comedian Hannibal Buress during a show Cosby “a serial rapist” called. The video went viral and several women have contacted the press.

The women say they Cosby, decades ago, drugged and then raped. The wives of several reasons why they abuse have as much time for themselves. According to lawyers Cosby the allegations are baseless.

In fast food restaurant Ben’s Chili Bowl (a multicultural symbol) in Washington two people may eat free for life: Barack Obama and Bill Cosby. But perhaps that second removed in the foreseeable future from the menu.