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Bill Cosby’s brought severe damages to his career even before the revelation of The Associated Press that back in 2005, the star has admitted under oath that he obtained quaaludes to give to the young ladies whom he want to have sex with. However, things has changed and now, even those who have hung on are starting to look away.

Here’s a quick glimpse of those who stick with Bill Cosby’s, and those who want to erase him for good:





Ohio College

Wilberforce, Ohio’s historical black college, Central State University, stated that they already covered the name of Bill Cosby on a sign in the campus in front of the building that was named after him. They are even considering to change the building’s name and a final decision is yet to be announced.

Medal of Freedom

A group that supports victims of sexual assault, Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment, launched the campaign for revoking the Presidential Medal of Freedom of Bill Cosby that was given to him by President George W. Bush in 2002. It cited his revolutionary portrayal of the blocks on TV and his dedication and interest in education. According to the group, Cosby’s name no longer belongs to such a distinguished list.

Walt Disney World

Cosby’s statue has been removed from the Hollywood Studios Florida theme park of Walt Disney World.

Hometown Mural

The Mural Arts Program in the native Philadelphia of Cosby is considering removing the work that features the entertainer.

The Industry’s Response

NBC set aside the plans of making another sitcom with Cosby, TV Land took off from the air the reruns of The Cosby Show and Netflix walked away from plans for standup special. The Bounce TV network also pulled the reruns of “Cosby” and the smaller Centric cable network said that it will drop “The Cosby Show” which makes up a large part of its schedule. But, Hulu still offers each episode of The Cosby Show” while Amazon continues offering the streaming together with the DVDs.

The Walk of Fame

The black civil right leaders called on Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove the star from Hollywood Walk of Fame or it risks turning into a walk of shame. However, the chamber stated that they have no plans of removing Cosby and never did they remove one in the past.

The Smithsonian

Smithsonian Institution stands behind an exhibit in the museum that relies partly on Bill Cosby and his wife’s art collection. They said that although they do not condone the behavior of Cosby, the exhibit is all about the artists and their works, not the collections’ owners.

Black Conservatives

A black conservative leadership network, Project 21, criticized the federal judge who unsealed parts of the deposition of Bill Cosby.

The judge said that he unsealed these documents since the local court rules always want transparency and due to the claims of Cosby of embarrassment were inadequate legal grounds for keeping them sealed.

However, the public statements of Cosby regarding crime, parenthood and other issues must not play any role in the decision, according to Project 21.

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