Booking Travel Accommodations: Everything you need to know

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Accommodations is one of the largest cost for travelers. If we can lower that cost it will lead to bigger savings.

I’m sure many travelers would sleep in a barn if it was the lowest bargain they could find.

Whatever your taste is for accommodation may be, we all want to get the best deal. In fact, the best way to get a low-cost vacation is to cut the cost of your accommodation. At end of the day, we all have to put our head somewhere to sleep. Yet, if you can reduce the price of the accommodation. Then we can save on the cost of the trip. Next, we have to find a low-cost flight. Finding a free or low-cost Airbnb, hostel or hotel will have the biggest bang for your buck. It will have the biggest impact on our total cost of your vacation.

There are a few ways that travelers can find a low-cost place to stay without having to spend an arm and a leg.


1. Search for a hostel first.
My wife and I love staying in hostels. They are usually my first choice. I have been lucky enough to travel around the world. It’s a great place to meet people from around the world. They share the same passion for travel. (plus they are very inexpensive) If you don’t like to dorm and it’s not your thing, most hostels have a private room. You’ll have your own comfortable space and atmosphere that makes hostels awesome.


2. Don’t improvise with accommodation during high season.
Most of the time there is always a spot to crash, but it may not be affordable or a clean spot. I recommend not waiting until the last minute. I don’t advise booking a hostel in Amsterdam or some other popular city, three days before you show up.

I recommend planning ahead. This is how you’re going to save big on your stay.


3. If you’re looking to stay in a hotel, don’t pay the full cost.
If you aren’t looking for a guesthouse, hostels, or B&B  isn’t your type of style and want to stay at a hotel. I like to use apps such as Bookings, Priceline, Hotwire, TRVL, Hotel Tonight. They have nice discounts on big name hotels.

I tend to look at them before I book my accommodation.


4. Earning Points and miles to cut cost on hotel rooms.
Most people would agree free accommodations is the best thing. Do you want to sleep at a hotel, and earn points and miles for that hotel stay? I would say the money you spend on a room would be better used for the better things in life (like drinks and eating). To learn to get a free hotel room visit hack travel.

You’ll collect lots of points and save money!


5. Look at the location of your accommodations.
The more you are out of the city center, the lower the price of the accommodations. Though how long will it take you to get from where you are staying to the center of the city? Don’t make the same mistake as I have. You’ll end up having to spend more on taxi’s and have to cut your night early to get back and that’s not FUN!


6. Check Airbnb
I love this site as it connects you with local homeowners that are renting out their home. They earn income on their home, which tends to be way cheaper than a hotel. You’ll pay a fraction of the price of a hotel room. If you are with a group of friends. I recommend renting with Airbnb. (I love to cook. We tend to go to the supermarkets, and you’ll save a lot on food too!)


7. Couchsurf!!!!
It’s one of my favorite sites, in fact, I met my wife on CouchSurfing! It’s a website that joins travelers with locals, who are willing to give a free couch. I’ve only hosted but it’s a great way to travel. You’ll get a free couch to crash on and you get to stay with a local. This way you get a local point of view of the city. If you want to learn more about Couchsurfing I recommend downloading the app.

They have many local events. If staying with a stranger creeps you out I still recommend the app. They have a lot of local events and you can meet other people and not have to stay on their couch.


8. Know the kind of place you want.

Many people ask me what type of places do I stay in. It ranges from what type of vacation I am planning. Most of the time I want to meet other people, so I tend to stay in hostels. But, there are times when I want peace and quiet and I need some alone time. This is when I need a break from hostel life. I tend to find a low-cost Airbnb. If you are a backpacker or doing a family vacation don’t box yourself into one style of accommodations. I like to change it up. The best accommodations is what you feel at that moment.

What is your mood telling you right now?