Written by Joseph Santiago

From the beginning of time, stand-up comedians have told jokes about the similarity of their career path to being of a stripper or even a prostitute.  They will be now telling jokes from the same platform as sex workers use to sexually pleasure themselves for tip money.

CamSoda is created CamSodaLive, a no-cost service for entertainment businesses to live stream comedy shows and help monetize it for the comedians.

However, tonight, if you go to, the main screen (that’s surrounded by NSFW images and ads)  will showcase live feed of a comedy show starting at 8 pm. The lineup will feature stand up comedians Alian Janine, who happens to be a former pornstar, Dante Nero, Sherrod Small, and many other comedians thanks to the Upper West Side Comedy Club Stand UP NY.

A few other comedy clubs and venues around the country have started their own style of online comedy streaming shows, and it seems as though all comedians nowadays are going Instagram live daily.

Stand Up NY and other comedy clubs have decided to partner up with CamSoda to bring in more money during the CoronaVirus Crisis. With everyone stuck inside globally, this is a great way of thinking outside the box to reach the masses and spread the laughter.

The CoronaVirus COVID-19 has put a lot of pressure on people’s mental health and will have a lasting effect on many businesses throughout the world especially those in the entertainment industry.  Daryn Parker, the VP, at CamSoda. “In an effort to provide consumers with some top-of-line entertainment remotely, and to enable businesses to earn money, we’re leveraging our technology that allows adult entertainers to broadcast to millions annually and launching CamSodaLive.”

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