Adam Glyn

Adam Glyn comedian

Adam Glyn’s youthful look is only disguised by his scope and depth in the comedy scene. A native New Jersian, Adam’s humor has expanded from coast to coast. He has opened for such modern day comic icons such as Rich Vos, Shawn Wayans and Artie Lange from the Howard Stern Show. On the small screen, Adam has appeared in MTV Hits, TRL, and quickly became a favorite correspondent for the MTV networks. His quick wit and humor quickly transcended him as a frequent guest on the Maxim radio as well as the Howard Stern Show on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Being funny is second nature to Glyn. Quickly finding his comedic talents lent to print as well. The Star Ledger boasted Adam as “one comic to definitely keep an eye on, as his humor and energy light the room”. His blogs are funny and addresses the 20′ something needs with a clever twist.

Adam currently resides in N.J. and is a common fixture on the comic scene in the tri-state area.Twittersmall

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