Adam Lucidi

Adam Lucidi has been performing all over the country and brings a sarcastic and sometimes nostalgic view of his life and the world around him. Being featured in The New York Underground Comedy Festival & The Stand Up 360 Festival, Adam continues to leave a dent in the world of comedy. Whether he’s talking about his small town, being a “buckist”, or his common sense fighting against booksmarts, Adam brings his “boy next door charm with a sharptongue,” to various venues all over the country! If he’s performing at colleges, comedy clubs, or benefits across the country, two things are guaranteed, he’ll leave audiences wanting more and he’ll always be wearing that backwards hat.

here’s a litte history lesson about adam:
Adam hails from Uniontown Pennsylvania and has big city dreams. Since the 5th grade Adam knew that he wanted to have a career that involved making people laugh. So he began his stand-up career at the age of 16 when he lost his stand-up virginity at The Improv in Pittsburgh. He performed at The Improv in Pittsburgh various times, was in various one act plays and musicials throughout high school (WOO! UNIONTOWN RED RAIDERS!) and even went on to produce and perform in, along with his best friend Nick Serra, a fund raising event for the American Cancer Society known as The Senior Project Show (because apparently, diplomas just don’t cut it anymore to graduate from high school).

After graduating from high school, Adam attended college at California University of Pennsylvania (yes….yes it is a real place) with a degree in Communication Studies Radio and Television. While in college, Adam performed in various shows such as, The Pirates of Penzance where he played a dopey policeman and The Real Inspector Hound where he played Inspector Hound. During the college years, Adam performed stand-up at various venues in Pennsylvania, including the Hong Kong Buffet in Uniontown. While at California University of Pennsylvania, Adam had his own radio show (where he was known as Greedy Lucidi) along with his co-host Firewalker for 2 solid years, known as Eclectic Storm on WCAL Power 92. The dynamic duo won the award of Best Drive Time Show, and Adam won the Rookie of the Year award & Best On Air Production. Adam also became the only WCAL DJ to enter the WCAL Lock In 3 years in a row to raise money for various charities by staying on air and being locked in the radio station for 48 hours straight.

Since graduating from college, Adam went on to study at Second City where he studied Improvisation and Sketch Comedy Writing. Adam moved to New Jersey to be closer to New York City and since then has performed all over New York City! Gotham Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, Comix, Broadway Comedy Club, NYU and many more! Adam has studied at The American Comedy Institute with Stephen Rosenfield and also the Actor’s Playground with Ralph Colombino. Adam continues to perform wherever possible to hone his craft and make people laugh.

Adam also enjoys killing zombies and eating Pizza Wagon pizza.

Adam dislikes zombies killing him and pizza that is NOT Pizza Wagon pizza.

Adam Lucidi : Upcoming Comedy Shows in NYC