Al Isaacs


Recently named one of Long Island’s Best Comedians by THE LONG ISLAND PRESS, as well as being half of “The Funniest Improvisational Comedy Team on the East Coast” according to The Mohegan Sun, Al Isaacs has spent the last 20 years becoming an overnight success on the New York comedy scene. Starting and East-Side Comedy in New York he honed his skills alongside the likes of Kevin James (King of Queens) as part of the East Side Players Improv Troupe. His timing couldn’t have been better as he cut his teeth working with Ray Romano, Joe Rogan and Jim Breuer just to name a few. Both as a solo stand-up act and as one half of Isaacs & Baker with Scott Baker, Al is a regular headliner for shows produced by Comedy to Go, New York Entertainment Club, and Treehouse Entertainment. He is most proud of raising over half a million dollars through fundraising events like 2011’s ‘Laughter for Heroes’ for the Feal Good Foundation benefitting 9/11 first responders, as well as shows for Long Island’s ACDS, and local fire and police departments.


Since 2001 Al has been teaching the art of improvisational and stand-up comedy in various venues. Begining at The Brokerage Comedy Club with Gary Smith, he has done weekly classes as well as seminars and workshops for novices and pros alike. Most recently Al began taking his classes to the future of entertainment when he hooked up with Dream Makers Performing Arts in East Northport to teach teens and young adults. This summer he will also begin teaching his class at Hofstra University as part of their continuing education program. For more info on either of these classes see the links to the right.


Al first gained notoriety in the late 90’s as the man behind SCOOPSWRESTLING.COM, the most popular pro wrestling news site of its time. In his years with the site Al’s daily column reached thousands of readers every morning with the latest updates and interviews with the biggest names in the sport. He was intervviewed as an ‘expert’ on the topic for Good Morning America, Entertainment Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, and dozens of local television and radio stations across the country.

His years working in sports entertainment lead to Al creating SMARKS: THE PRO WRESTLING CARTOON. A huge hit on the internet as a weekly comic strip, it told the story of pro wrestler Stanley Marks who struggled to maintain the balance between his ‘normal’ family life and the insanity in the ring and behind the scenes. Most recently Al has turned it into a screenplay called ‘SLAMM’D’ and has been shopping it as an animated series or feature.


Most important of all. Al lives in New York with his wife Theresa and son Nick. He couldn’t be prouder of his son who is now actively involved in TaeKwanDo with mom Theresa.

Al has been featured on ABC, VH1, MTV, and independent films. But Al’s passion lies in front of a live audience. Whether an intimate club setting, a fund raiser in front of hundreds, or a festival before thousands he has proven time and again to adapt, engage, and entertain.

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