Ana Vas

Born in a parking lot outside of a K-mart in Passaic, New Jersey, Ana Vasquez figured what better way to disappoint her parents then to forgo law school to get on a stage and talk about her period for 15 minutes. Her most notable credit is being called a “Brown Reese Witherspoon” by almost 65 percent of the drunk and senile people she encounters. You probably won’t remember her from that one time she took a nap and dreamed she was an extra on an episode of Workaholics but it happened!

Relative newcomer in the stand-up scene Ana is the one to watch out for, mainly due to her extensive background in backyard wrestling.

If she is wanted for questioning, you can run into Ana all around New York City in comedy venues such as Broadway Comedy Club, The Stand, The Village Lantern as well as on line at your local Chipotle.

Follow her on twitter: @danjaana