On a cold November 26 Thanksgiving morning in Cincinnati, Ohio Andy Ruther entered the world. Andy was a child of the 1980’s, focusing on the important issues of the Cold War, big hair bands, and Transformer toys. From an early age Andy enjoyed performing on the bricks of the family fire place, although this angered his father whom continuously yelled, “Get down from there, I’m trying to watch the football game.” Andy’s first important performance occurred in the third grade at the annual Guardian Angels grade school “Christmas Concert” where Andy became the first performer to rap about Christmas. Sporting spiked hair, a hip black sweater, and Eastland dress shoes he wowed the crowd with his dance moves and edgy lyrics about the birth of Jesus Christ. This show was followed by an encore performance the following year at Guardian Angels grade school’s annual “Spring Concert” when Andy mimicked his idol M.C. Hammer and melodically rapped Hammer’s hit song “2 Legit 2 Quit” for a crowd of screaming fourth grade girls.

After completing his grade school education at Guardian Angels, Andy continued his education at St. Xavier High School, an all-male college preparatory high school located in Cincinnati, Ohio. During these years Andy honed his comedic ability and humorous jokes during the many long days he watched from the football sideline. As a benchwarmer on the nationally ranked Bomber Varsity football team Andy realized he was much more comfortable making verbal jabs, than having a 250 pound lineman smash him into the ground and suffocate him to near death.

Upon graduation from high school Andy enrolled at Saint Louis University. At Saint Louis University he double majored in English and Secondary Education. Andy also joined the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity and was an instant hit with members of his fraternity and the entire Greek community for his quick wit and willingness to risk severe bodily harm during many drunken dares. During these years Andy grew a passionate desire to perform stand-up comedy and his ambition was solidified upon a trip to New York City where he attended a live Comedy Central Presents taping. Finally, Andy unleashed his humorous observations and hilarious stories at an all Greek sorority talent competition. Although Andy did not win the competition, because he lost to some meathead who showed off his six pack abs for 10 minutes, he realized his uncanny ability to make others laugh.

Soon after college graduation Andy moved to Las Vegas where he continued to perform live standup comedy and enrolled at the famed Second City. During his two years at Second City Andy learned the art of improvised acting through classes and numerous performances at the Student Experimental Theatre (SET). These 24 months in Las Vegas where crucial in honing his stage presence, performance skills, and ability to quickly identify hookers on the Las Vegas Strip.

In June of 2007 Andy moved to Los Angeles continuing his pursuit of comedy, acting, and desire to pour champagne on playmates at The Playboy Mansion. Recently Andy created Original Frat Boys of Comedy, an entertainment company dedicated to live standup comedy shows catered to the collegiate Greek community. Every show encompasses live standup comedy, gorgeous models, innovative products, and a great night of entertainment. Original Frat Boys of Comedy has been a huge nationwide success with multiple cross-country tours making Andy Ruther a staple name across college campuses. Andy will continue to build his own brand of comedy and entertainment success through Original Frat Boys of Comedy and anticipates a bright future of television, movies, and his own private island full of monkey butlers dressed in tuxedos.