Angela Hoover


Angela Hoover is a comedian, and an actress, and is particularly skilled in killing off orchids.

On and off the stage since her early 50′s she is no stranger to the phrase, “You have been pursuing this forever.”

After winning a Los Angeles based comedy competition in 2006 she was asked to be on a local talk show along with a dog and the mascot from Chick-fil-A. (She is currently looking for this picture.)

Angela has performed stand up at venues such as The Comedy Union, The Comedy Store and the Laugh Factory and staged her 2nd one woman show in 2011 at the Hudson’s Comedy Central Stage entitled, “Have You Seen My Funnel Cakes” based on her family’s 4-year move to the Vegas suburbs. In 2013 she guest-starred on COMEDY CENTRAL’s Inside Amy Schumer as the talk show beauty expert, Lisa.

Ms. Hoover co-created TALKABOUT, a radio show based around 2 New Zealand sisters and radio hosts (with real-life sister Alexandra Hoover) who can’t seem to get a caller on the line.  You can catch their first video of Joan trying to break into Showbiz on the Videos page.

She is currently on Season 8 of America’s Got Talent where she is featured crying.