Badar Tareen

A civil rights lawyer by day and an award-winning stand-up comedian and filmmaker by night, Badar was born and raised in a Pakistani-Muslim family in North Dakota.

Badar keeps his material fresh, edgy, and unique. Badar’s topics range from racial and religious identity, class, race, American pop culture, relationships, family dynamics, day-to-day life, and everything else in between.

Badar has performed as a selected comedian at the Cleveland Comedy Festival, 5th Borough Comedy Festival, Desi Comedy Festival, Plano Comedy Festival, Good Karma Comedy Festival, Jersey City Comedy Festival, and many others.  Badar also won first place at the Think Your Pretty Funny stand-up comedy competition in Washington DC and placed in the top three at several other comedy competitions in Washington DC and New York City.  He has become a crowd favorite and performed at clubs and venues in events in New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco, Oakland, Cleveland, Dublin, and Pakistan.

As a filmmaker, Badar won the Silver Award for Best First Time Director at the Independent Shorts Awards.  He directed and co-wrote and co-produced the film First and Last, a bittersweet love story that looks at racism against black Americans in the South Asian American community.  The film also won the Outstanding Achievement Award at the IndieX Film Fest, the Gold Award for Best Romantic Short at the Independent Shorts Awards, the Jury Prize at the DC South Asian Film Festival, etc.

Broadway Comedy Club

Broadway Comedy Club

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Friday, Dec 09 
7:00 PM
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