Barak Ziv

Barak Ziv

Barak Ziv arrived in the States for a short trip and due to a plane ticket misunderstanding decided to stay. His style might be referred to as ‘Dark and Witty’, making clever observations and dark takes on life experiences. Connecting the simple to the absurd and taking sharp left turns usually bring his audience to unexpected laughter. (And an occasional traffic ticket).

He currently lives in New York City from which he draws much inspiration (The city that never sleeps with him, he calls it). He performs at Broadway Comedy Club, local independent shows, and he is the co-producer of the Just Kidding Comedy Show at QED Astoria.

He also performed in Los Angeles, Denver, Tel Aviv, and Seoul, as well as the San Diego and Salem comedy festivals.

In addition, to stand up, he is also an illustrator and a cartoonist, using his skills to create funny (According to him) cartoons, memes, and news parodies. You can see these and more at @BarakZivCoemdy and

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