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Nacho Bitches is a new comedy concept developed by two great friends, Corinne Fisher and Blair Socci. After getting to know each other on the New York comedy scene, it became apparent that they both live lives with a heavy focus on food and mischief. Soon after, Nacho Bitches was born- a wild, weirdo late night show with free nachos for all!

Blair Socci is a standup comic, writer, and actress from San Juan Capistrano, California. After graduating from UCLA with a BA in English, she recently earned her Masters of Fine Arts degree in creative writing at The New School. Blair has written for,,, Riviera Magazine, and Volleyball Magazine. She is also involved in both the improv and sketch programs at the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre. You can find Socci performing standup in clubs and bars all over Manhattan on mostly every night of the week.

Some of her professional aspirations include: becoming a standup comic of world altering proportions and maybe writing and acting on television. Blair also notes that she wouldn’t mind having her own weird cooking show after she gets old and slows down. In terms of extracurricular goals, she hopes to become un-allergic to dogs, cats, and horses, get really good at drawing, and marry Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s clone that is perhaps 1% better than the original Jeffrey Dean.

To learn more about Blair, please do check out the blog portion of her website where Blair often writes about her best friend and mortal enemy, Clair. Clair is Blair’s alter ego and not a real person.

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