Bryor Mosley

After graduating college I struggled to find where exactly I fit in in the work place. Many people mistook my friendly and outgoing personality as being trivial. I was told because of my flamboyant and animated demeanor that I seemed juvenile. My wicked sense of humor had earned me the label of crass. It felt like the only option was to completely change the fabric of who I am or accept failure, that was until the day I stumbled into stand-up comedy. For the first time in my life I felt like I found something that was tailor made for me.

Meeting other comedians gave me the realization that these people were smart, dedicated, and dynamic; just like me. It allowed me to understand that there is a spot for me that wasn’t achieved through the conventional route. Feeling like I had to make up for lost time I rapidly started going through the NYC comedy circuit to get as much exposure to the craft as I could, achieving praise and accolades instantly. Discovering that there was an entire comedy industry waiting for me in my own city was a turning point for me and instantly changed the direction I wanted to go to achieve my goals. All I truly want is to be appreciated for what I know I excel at and be able to create content and ideas that make people laugh. Five minutes on stage a few times a week is no longer sufficing for my constant want to create comedy. I hope to expand the ways and vehicles used to create comedy to become someone that industry considers a professional all whilst surrounding myself by like minded people.