Chloé Hilliard

Chloe Hilliard is a larger than life comedian. Well, that’s because she’s 6’1 and rocks a killer afro.  Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in a large Hasidic Jewish neighborhood, Chloé has spun her unique experiences into side splitting laughs.

Once you know how to tell a story you’re set for life. As a journalist-turn-comedian, Chloé Hilliard is entertaining the masses with her wit and ability to find the humor in everything.

For the last ten years, Chloé has been a culture/entertainment journalist, writing for The Village VoiceEssenceVibeKing, and The Source. Most recently, Chloé was the Editorial Director, which focuses on politics, culture, and entertainment from a hip perspective.

Prior to Loop 21, Chloé served as the Managing Editor/Social Media Manager for VIBE, a leading urban entertainment magazine and website. She has also been a staff writer for The Village Voice, America’s largest weekly newspaper. There, she chronicled lesbian thugs, BET’s transformation and eminent domain in Brooklyn. Chloé is also a former News Editor at The Source. For her expertise on Hip Hop culture she’s appeared on CNN Headline News, ABC News, Our World with Black Enterprise and C-Span. Her work has been featured in Best African American Essays: 2009.

Chloe Hilliard was recently made her TV debut on AXSTV’s “Gotham Comedy Live”and has worked as a warm-up comic for shows on CBS, MSNBC and VH1.

Chloe Hilliard : Upcoming Comedy Shows in NYC