Christina Pazsitzky

Christina Pazsitzky comedian

Christina Pazsitzky (pronounced Puh-jshit-ski ) is a nationally touring Comedian and Co-Host of the popular podcast Your Mom’s House with Tom Segura, her husband. Your Mom’s House is a top rated podcast on iTunes and was nominated for the Stitcher Radio Comedy Award in 2013. The couple decided to create the show after being asked “What’s it like for TWO comedians to be married to each other?” about 5 million times.

Christina has been a Round Table Regular and Writer on the popular E! show Chelsea Lately, and is in the Showtime stand up special Red Light Comedy filmed in Amsterdam as well as TV Guide Channel’s Stand Up in Stilettos. She’s also performed at the Aspen Comedy Festival, Moontower Comedy Festival, Lucy Fest, and Gilda’s Laugh Fest. Pazsitzky headlines comedy clubs nationwide and has performed for U.S. troops in Afghanistan, South Korea, UAE and Africa.

A long-time veteran of television, you can see Pazsitzky on several Vh1 countdown shows,TV Guide Channel, SyFy Channel’s Insane or Inspired, Tru TV’s World’s Dumbest and E! Television’s Wildest TV Moments. She hosted the FX series Hitchiker Chronicles, was a cast member on MTV’s Road Rules Australia (and damn proud of it) and was a regional finalist on Season 6 and 7 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. With a background in animation, Christina has written on and lent her voice to several animated projects, like the feature film TV: The Movie with the boys from MTV’s Jackass and the television series, Trolls. In 2006 she won Animation Magazine’s “Up and Coming Writer” Award and most recently wrote on the feature film InAPPropriate Comedy.

If you want to know what her stand up is like, here’s a bio written by her friend Joel Mandelkorn:

“Christina Pazsitzky is a comedian with spunk. What you can expect from her is the unexpected. Please don’t call her a “girl comic” – Pazsitzky’s comedy ignores easy labels and covers all sorts of topics. Her comedy effortlessly coasts from topic to topic, always with a heavy dose of wit and charm. Smart, irreverent and funny – all in one spunky Pazsitzky package.”

Bonus points for knowing that before becoming a Comedian, Pazsitzky studied Philosophy at Oxford University and attended Law School for two entire weeks. She grew up in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles and spent her formative years as a Goth in the food court of the Sherman Oaks Galleria. She hates whistling and loves dogs of all kinds. Her last name is Polish, but Christina’s family is from Hungary.

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