Christy Miller

Christy Miller is a veteran stand-up comic who looks like the superhero of superfunny supermodels. She spends her nights making the people of New York City feel cheap and dirty with her ladylike vulgar comedy (there IS such a thing…somewhere), her days lifting about 300 lbs. at the gym, her mornings lifting 12 oz. lattes at Starbucks – but not before opening herself up to the most degrading verbal abuse from her local barista who can barely lift 10 lbs. because he weighs less than 140 lbs. The worst part? The verbal tongue lashing is part of her order (see “Exhibit A” below). It makes no damn sense. And her fans keep coming back over and over. They haven’t figured her out and they’re not giving up anytime soon.
Nearly 20 years as a staple on the stand-up comedy scene, Christy Miller spent the first half of her career at the world famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood where she caught the eyes of legendary comics Paul Mooney and Andrew “Dice” Clay with her vulgar, balls out, nothing sacred style of dirty jokes. Shortly thereafter, “Dice” invited Christy to open for him at his shows and, during that time, she was featured on his album cover, “Face Down, Ass Up.”
Shortly after, Paul Mooney took Christy on the road to feature for him and later took her to New York City her first time in 1999. Mooney made her his permanent feature act at Caroline’s on Broadway by 2005. Christy relocated to NYC, quickly created a name for herself in the urban circuit, and was eventually dubbed “Nasty Barbie” by Mooney.
Christy later expanded her public persona by jumping into the world of roller derby starting with the Gotham Girls Roller Derby and was later drafted in 2006 by the Manhattan Mayhem. After 2 seasons under the alias ‘Bitchie Slambora’, Christy retired her skates and, like a good missionary, decided to focus all of her energy on stand-up comedy because “those dirty jokes won’t tell themselves.”
Christy has since more than paved her own way and, over the years, has been featured on: “Best Damn Sports Show Period”, “Boy Meets World”, BET’s “Comic Mania”, Tammy Pescatelli’s “Stand Up Mother” and films like “Strange Days” and “Nixon”. She was also featured on Vinny Pastore’s “The Wiseguys Show” on Sirius. During roller derby season, Christy was the host of “Radio Free Derby” for the Gotham Girls Roller Derby.
These days, you can see Christy at Broadway Comedy Club where she co produces the all female comedy show, “Broadly Funny”, and co hosts “The Angel Salazar Radio Show” with Angel Salazar (Chi Chi from Scarface) and is his opening act on stage.
At this time, Christy is still in a very abusive relationship with one very angry barista at Starbucks. She refuses help at this time.

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