CJ Burney comedian

CJ Burney was working towards a professional career in football. For 16 years he played for numerous semiprofessional teams in the Baltimore area including: The Arbutus Big Red, Baltimore Bulls and Carroll County Cannons.

Despite the success CJ had with championship-winning teams, something was missing. Always the jokester at parties or family gatherings, CJ found making people laugh was not only fun, it was exhilarating. And it was the missing piece, the fulfillment in his lifehe’d been looking for.

In April 2006 CJ took the plunge into comedy… hitting open mic after open mic after open mic. Eventually he caught the eye of local club owners and began getting consistent work as an emcee and then feature performer; literally paying his dues andworking his way to the top.

Today, when CJ takes to stage, his presence is undeniable as he commands audience’s attention with his large stature; however, despite his intimidating size, he brings you intohis world almost immediately in a non-threatening, subtle way, putting audiences atease and ready to laugh. He puts his heart into his craft, always has a great attitude towards life and is, most of all, hilarious!

CJ Burney is now one of Baltimore’s “go-to” comedians. Aside from being one of the most-requested comedians in the area, club owners are happy to oblige because of hisreliability and laid-back personality.

“You can tell CJ has paid his dues and actually worked long and hard to get where he is. He’s one of the kindest and most appreciative of the comedians who have worked at my club. It’s hard to find someone so gifted and funny, yet unassuming at the same time. Ican’t wait to see what he does next. This guy is gonna be big!”

~ Annemarie Diffenderffer, owner of Sully’s Comedy Cellar.