Claire Alexander



Claire Alexander is not actually a comedian at all and is only here to flirt with your dad. Hailing from the wealthy state of Connecticut she is, for lack of a better word, a complete gold digger, only creating a career as a comic in NYC to appear as though she is “not like other girls” and to get better pictures for her tinder bio.

She has opened many bottles of Sam Adams, and opened the door of the restaurant she works in for Diane Keaton. Follow her on Instagram and in real life when she’s riding on the Q train because it’ll totally flatter her.

New York City based comedian and Connecticut native Claire Alexander has been a theatre nerd for as long as she can remember.

Her childhood passion for performance drove her to write her own scripts and create her own films using a green screen she received as a gift on her 11th birthday.


Claire currently produces “Drule” with fellow comedian, Brittany Cardwell. This outdoor socially-distanced weekly rooftop comedy show features a female lineup with a male host in Brooklyn and at The Stand Comedy Club. Drule was featured in the New York Comedy Festival in 2021.

Claire Alexander Upcoming NYC Schedule for Comedy Clubs

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