Cole Stratton comedian

Cole Stratton is currently “paying his dues” in Los Angeles, where he enjoys losing parts to minority more successful actors such as Barry Levinson’s nephew. Due to planet alignment, he has appeared on TV’s Nash Bridges, re-enacted on America’s Most Wanted, played with puppies and Betty White on the Animal Planet original The Retrievers, thrown-down like the sarcastic white boy he is on Wilmer Valderrama’s Yo Momma, and was a cast member on NBC’s competitive comedy showComedy Colosseum. He’s a lead in the indie comedy Callback opposite Kevin Farley, has also appeared in the films Around the Fire and Dead Man on Campus, and will be seen soon as office gossip Ed in the horror/comedy The Selling. He’s also hawked wares in national commercials for Verizon, Popeye’s Chicken, a Wilco-scored VW spot, and a five-spot campaign for Group Health.

Along with Janet Varney, he has written and performed downloadable comedic commentary to the films Dirty Dancing, GhostFootloosePoltergeistThe Lost Boys, Flatliners and Jaws 3D for, an online venture helmed by Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Michael J. Nelson. He’s co-host of the popular Pop My Culture Podcast, available on iTunes and on the web and In addition to co-founding SF Sketchfest, the San Francisco Comedy Festival, he co-founded the Bay Area sketch collective Totally False People (who performed at the 2004 HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado), and LA’s improvising Pretty, Pretty Pony and Mosey. He performs regularly with MI’s Westside Comedy Theater’s house improv team Cobranauts, and tours with the Theme Park Improv Show, featuring Scott Adsit, Oscar Nunez, Danny Pudi, Simon Helberg, Rachel Dratch, Jessica Makinson and Janet Varney. He co-hosts the variety show version of Theme Park along with Varney, which is in regular rotation at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles.Twittersmall