Cynthia Kaplan

Cynthia Kaplan is a NYC based writer, musician and actress. She is the author of two acclaimed collections of comic essays, Why I’m Like This: True Stories, a Barnes & Nobel Discover Great New Writers book and a Booksense bestseller, and Leave the Building Quickly. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Philadelphia InquirerNew York MagazineThe WeekPlayboy and the Huffington Post among many other publications. She wrote and produced for Andrea Rosen’s Take Me to Your Mother on Nickelodeon (including the theme song), and for A & E Biography. She co-wrote the comic short This Won’t Hurt a Bit for Morgan Spurlock’s We the Economy. Kaplan has appeared in many plays and some films, including the indie darlings Work; Pipe Dream, which she co-wrote; and Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same. Kaplan’s songs have won national and international song contests, her music videos have appeared in comedy film festivals, and she has written jingles for commericials and theme songs for TV shows. She plays regularly in clubs and music venues throughout the country with her band, The Cynthia Kaplan Ordeal. Their first album, Fangry, shot to #8 katrillion on the pop charts. Kaplan co-hosts the monthly comedy show Lean Over with comedian Karen Bergreen and tours regularly with Sean Altman of Jewmongous. She has never appeared on Law & Order.

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