Dan Naturman

Dan Naturman began performing stand-up comedy while a student at Fordham University School of Law. After graduating, he decided to turn his back on the law, and devote himself to comedy full time. His legal education did not go totally to waste however, as his New York State Bar Association membership gets him discounts on rental cars.

Dan’s charming, self-deprecating, sharp-tongued style has since made him a hit with comedy club audiences across the country. His joke telling and impeccable ability to work a crowd has a throwback quality of its own. With his quick-witted set-ups, Naturman speeds right into the hard-hitting punch lines he’s know for- if ever there were a Groucho Marx of this century, Naturman would be the closest thing. Recorded at Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis, Dan’s CD, “Get Off My Property” was widely praised for its ability to twist usually humorless topics into amusing ideas that anyone can recognize. Punchline Magazine has called Dan’s act a success because of its UNIVERSAL APPEAL.

He was the favorite of celebrity judges Drew Carey and Brett Butler on Last Comic Standing Season 2 and has made several appearances on Late Show with David Letterman and Late Nite with Conan O’Brien. He is a regular at both The Comedy Cellar and Comix in New York. On a personal note, Dan has an intense fear of intimacy and has managed to avoid closeness with another human being his entire life. He lives alone on New York’s Upper East Side.

While in New York, Dan performs regularly at The Comedy Celler, and Comic Strip Live.

Dan Naturman : Upcoming Comedy Shows in NYC

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