Dan St. Germain

Dan St. Germain is certainly someone you could consider to be “his own man”. He has nearly as many solo / independent podcasts, YouTube series and published works as he does appearances on major television networks and syndicated shows. He has, both literally and figuratively, fully embraced the world of social media and independent production.

His ability to reach audiences through both in­person stand­up routines, network television, and online media really speak to Dan’s talents as an incredibly versatile, up­and­coming comedian.

These talents have been recognized by Variety Magazine in their exclusive list of “10 Comedians to Watch”, where Dan St. Germain’s use of the internet to engage his own audience and build his own following was recognized as a new path for comics to gain a foothold in the hyper­competitive comedy industry.

If you want to check out some of Dan’s comedy gold, you have to check out Dan’s original “My Damn Channel” on Youtube, which is mentioned in multiple stand­up routines and reviews of Dan’s comedy.

In fact, Comedy Central was so impressed with Dan’s wit and energy, they offered Dan the opportunity to develop multiple online comedy shorts, with all the resources available from an organization like Comedy Central. Since signing with Comedy Central, Dan’s channel was renamed (rather unimaginatively) “Daniel St. Germain” and you’ll see a ton of Comedy Central logos, but the content has remained absolutely phenomenal!

Of course, to really appreciate a comedian, you have to see them live and in­person. The real-time reaction of an audience in an intimate setting allows comedians like Dan St. Germain, who are used to performing for a camera, the ability to open up and show what they’re made of.

Dan loves performing at The Stand NYC, Stand Up NY, and The Comedy Cellar. To catch one of Dan’s upcoming performances, take a look at BCT’s NYC Online Comedy Schedule.

The listings are constantly updated whenever Dan books a show, so you’ll be the first to snag a ticket before they’re sold out! Plus, you can use your smartphone as your ticket and skip the line for tickets at your favorite comedy club!

Dan St. Germain, Upcoming NYC Comedy Clubs Shows Schedules

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