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When drunken sex with strangers became boring and therapy got expensive, Danielle Stewart turned to stand-up comedy to work out her issues with sex, marriage and personal relationships.

Danielle’s comedy has been featured on Hulu’s Comedy Brewand Ladies Night Out. She tours regularly across the United States, as well as exotic places like Denmark, Jamaica and Des Moines. She has been featured at The Boston Comedy Festival, The Laughing Skull Festival, The Detroit Comedy Festival and the Bend Comedy Competition where she received a Producer’s Choice Award. Danielle has toured with The Ronnie Mund Block Party from The Howard Stern Show and was recently featured on Ralphie May‘s Filthy Animals Comedy Special (coming soon).

In addition to stand-up comedy, Danielle has appeared on E!, VH-1, TBS, Playboy TV and The Disney Channel. She’s a regular contributor to Life & Style magazine and Girls Gone Wild magazine (yes, they have a magazine). She played the “sexy sidekick” on Ustream’s own Show Interrupted

Danielle is the host of her own weekly show, #TheDaniStew Podcast on screaming binary.com. She resides in Los Angeles and really, really loves coffee.Twittersmall

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