Daphnique Springs

Multi-talented actress and comedienne Daphnique Springs is a Florida native, who in a short period of time has made her mark in the Los Angeles comedy scene. Sassy, smart and sophisticated, this accomplished young woman has taken over the City of Angels with her comedic wit.

With the striking looks of a leading lady, but the versatility of a character actress, Daphnique is infinitely talented and plays a wide range of intriguing characters on stage and screen. She has starred in an eclectic variety of roles like the trophy girlfriend to a troubled young mother on popular primetime shows such as How I Met Your Mother (CBS), Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) and Saving Grace.

In addition to her budding acting career, Daphnique’s stand-up comedy routine is intelligent, dark, honest, and somehow still relatable. Ranging from personal experiences/subjects to social commentary, she has a unique blend of witty and pointed sarcasm which makes her a favorite among countless audiences.

Tapping into a natural ability to make people laugh, she is making a name for herself by performing at the hottest comedy clubs in and around town. She now resides in Los Angeles but is coming to a city near you.

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