Dave Temple


Dave Temple began stand-up comedy, in  2006, as a challenge amongst friends. Always known to be a gravitating force in social settings, he and his friends decided to put their entertaining skills to test. To accomplish this task, they decided to perform stand up comedy at an open-mic and see “see what happens.” However, only one of his buddies showed up at the open mic and as the saying goes “the rest is history.”

Dave Temple brings an unadulterated view on life and his immediate surroundings with a poignancy that is unparalleled and leaves every single audience in stitches.

Dave Temple steals the spotlight from the renowned headliners with his confident cadence that sure makes you remember the name Dave Temple as so many audiences have.

From New York to Los Angeles Dave has performed in some of the most famous of clubs such as the Carolines,  Laffhouse, Comix, Hollywood Improv, Stand Up NY, The Comedy Store, and Helium.

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