Debi Gutierrez

Debi Gutierrez is not your run-of-the-mill entertainer or television personality. She is as unique in her delivery and performances as she is in her personal life. What’s more, Debi refuses to be lumped in with girl comedy and ethnic humor. Instead, she speaks of the common threads that describe us all with a relatable, sharp wit, energy and realism that makes it okay to be a human again.

During her 19-year career, she’s gone from high-school teacher to international performer and is a regular at premiere comedy clubs in Los Angeles and around the country. Debi has appeared on Style, Lifetime, Showtime, NBC,CBS, HBO, as the Ebay Girl and much more! She was also featured in the Just for Laughs – New Faces Show in Montreal. While there, she met Rob Reiner who told her she would some day be a star and before she knew it, Castlerock was signing her into a deal at NBC.

Recently, Debi completed three seasons as the host of the daily parenting show, A Place Of Our Own, at KCET. On set, she comfortably navigates through topics and discussions in a natural yet structured way that allows her guests to comfortably be real and share their views and experiences. The show and its sister series, Los Ninos En Su Casa, have quickly snapped up three prestigious awards that include an Emmy, a National Peabody Award and The Parents’ Choice Award.

After two of her three kids left the nest, Debi realized she would soon be left with just her husband. Questioning why she put the kids first all those years, she began to develop a high-energy show aimed at strengthening marriage and re-kindling friendship with her husband… all wrapped up in an hour of hilarious comedy!


Debi is not your expected female comedian speaking only to the ladies and “sensitive” guys in the audience. Debi is a man’s-woman who is out to educate other women about the wonderful world of real men and, in the process, celebrate them for making the world go ‘round.

Debi has been taking her cutting edge & controversial “Comedy For Men (and the women they love)” routine on tour around the country for the past three years! With a clear and determined vision, she lays out the non-mysteries of men and how women over-complicate them. Her act will incite clear communication between men and women and probably a lot of overdue sex too! Feminists may not agree, but 10 out of 10 men surveyed do! Debi really knows her stuff.

Her latest comedy CD, “He’s Not Your Girlfriend” is yanked straight from her own personal experiences of doing it all wrong! Having learned to understand men, most importantly – her man, she speaks with an authority only likened to a seasoned therapist. Only without all that “tell each other how you really feel” B.S.! As Debi so aptly puts it, “If you treat your man right, he’ll walk through hell to bring you a glass of ice water.”

So, whether you catch her doing comedy, see her as a guest star on your favorite television series or you read her weekly blog, Debi Gutierrez proves to be one entertainer that will not fit into any mold anytime soon.Twittersmall Facebooksmall