Derek Humphrey

Derek Humphrey is a stand-up comic who has performed nationwide for the past 7 years. In addition to stand-up, Derek has formal training in improv, sketch and storytelling, having been a graduate of Theatre 99 (Charleston, South Carolina).

The Upright Citizens Brigade, the Peoples Improv Theater (the PIT) and Magnet Theater (all in New York City). Hailing from blue collar roots, a curious mind and a keen wit, Derek combines all forms of comedy into one individual act that defies categorization.

He considers himself a “man of the people” having toured everywhere from the back country roads of Alabama to the utter sophistication of Manhattan and all points in between. When not performing for throngs of fans, Derek spends his time with his dog and looking for the best chicken and waffles this fine nation has to offer.

Derek Humphrey is an urban hick with an uncanny whit. Born in a single wide trailer in Detroit, Derek has been a high school dropout, laborer, hotelier and veteran of the US Navy.

War and hospitality were not painful enough, so he entered show business. Derek is now a New York City based comic and actor. As a comic, Derek has been featured in the New York Comedy Festival, Gilda’s Laughfest and been named one of “New York’s Funniest” by TBS.

Derek’s acting work has included campaigns for Gillette, with appearances on MTV and ABC. You can follow him on Venmo at @humpderek

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